COVID-19 continues to impact students, upcoming events


By Flyer Staff

With Governor Mike Dewine’s announcement that the school building closure would be extended until at least May 1, Fairmont High School has had to make some tough decisions.

The spring is a busy time for high schools with testing, awards ceremonies, prom, preparation for graduation and more. 

Fairmont Principal Tyler Alexander has been in constant communication with students and families about the impact of COVID-19 on some of Fairmont’s signature calendar events.

The senior class in particular is taking a huge emotional hit with all of this change. Things they have waited four years for are now being cancelled … like their senior prom. 

“We looked at all of our options for Prom. There are a lot of logistics and needs to organize Prom and when we looked at ways to postpone, but still have it before the end of the school year, it was not feasible,” he said.

Many people have taken to social media to beg and plead for postponement and or alternate dates for this event.

“Having Prom in June or July was not an option due to the amount of people needed to run the event and summer schedules.  Ultimately, when we looked at all of the pieces, it was not going to work out,” Alexander said. 

Graduation is also quickly approaching, and while the commencement ceremony is still on the books, Fairmont staff is preparing for change if necessary. 

“We are currently working on other alternatives to graduation.  We have a lot of options, but our hope is still to be able to hold the event at UD Arena on May 20,” Alexander said.

When the CDC and Governor DeWine release new information, Alexander said they will make the decision and notify students and families. 

“My hope would be by May 1, but I cannot promise that due to the fact that we are always getting new direction,” he said. 

Alexander plans to have a graduation at some point and students would get their diplomas at that time.

“If for some reason this extends into July or August, we will have to figure out a plan to get students their diplomas,” he said.

Alexander knows that this is a tough time for all Firebird students, especially the seniors. It is definitely not the way anyone wanted to see them end their high school careers. 

“This class is so special to FHS and has made their mark on this school, which will last forever,” Alexander said. “I hope we can come back on May 1 and have some closure to the end of the year for the Class of 2020.”

Be sure to follow Alexander on Twitter @KFHSPrincipal for updates and information during this time