New building on campus set to open for classes in August


Fairmont students in certain CTC programs or Alternative School will be located here starting in August. This building is the 2nd of recent construction at FHS, as the renovated auditorium recently opened as well.

By Flyer Staff

According to Career Tech Principal Liz Jensen, the new 7.5 million dollar building will open in August of 2020 for Cosmetology, Construction and Alternative School students and staff. 

Once home to the Firebird field hockey team and a view of green grass for West Unit teachers, is now a 25,000 square-foot building … which remains nameless at the moment. 

“For at least the immediate future we are thinking there will be no particular name.  The classrooms will be “600” numbers,” Jensen said.

This addition to campus was paid for with a combination of the 2016 Permanent Bond Levy for facilities and the 2018 Permanent Operating Levy.

Given the size of Fairmont High School and the growing popularity of CTC programs, new opportunities and more space was on the docket. 

“Our capacity is growing, but we currently have 465 juniors and seniors enrolled in CTC programs,” Jensen said. “The additions of Cosmetology and Medical Assisting will allow us the capacity to accept about 50 percent of Fairmont’s junior and senior classes.”

With scheduling wrapping up, many students were accepted into CTC programs just last week. Medical Assisting is another new program added to the long list of options. 

“Construction will not be able to move into the new building until the summer, so the new Medical Assisting program (which will occupy Construction’s current classroom) will not open until the 2021-2022 school year,” Jensen said.  

With new programs comes new staff, and the school district is already searching for highly-qualified educators for the jobs. 

“We are currently interviewing for the Cosmetology teacher position and are confident we will have a great teacher.”

In addition to CTC programs, the unnamed building will be the new home for Kettering’s Alternative School. Formerly housed at the Dwight L. Barnes Building on Far Hills Avenue, students and staff will pack up and move to Fairmont’s campus. 

“Fairmont students are lucky to attend a school where both the district and community support preparing our students with both college and career education,” Jensen said.