Daerie vs Aerie: The Real Story


Photo: Gabe Berlean

Advertisements and publicity for Aerie are a common sight at Fairmont during the second semester. This year, Daerie has crept into that scene and used Twitter to advertise their first publication.

By Rebecca Ball, Editor-in-Chief

A recent dispute has taken over the Fairmont High School literary world.

Let’s just say that Aerie isn’t the only literary magazine in town.

At the beginning of February, students of all grades at Fairmont started submitting poems, photos and stories to Fairmont’s “only literary magazine.”

The process is as such: you submit, you’re work is reviewed and you’re either accepted or rejected. Aerie is a semester-long course that produces one hard-copy magazine in the spring of each school year.

So, if a student’s work is rejected, there are no second or third chances to make it into a publication.

This year, students who were rejected decided to take their work to the public and start their own literary magazine called Daerie.

The newest literary magazine made its debut on Twitter Feb. 28, 2019 with a message for all of Fairmont:

“Welcome to the official twitter for Daerie Literary Magazine. After the rejection of our thrilling literary work, “My Little Pony: More Than Just Comrades” from Aerie, we decided the best, most mature course of action was to create our own magazine! And now here it is! Daerie!” 

One of the creators of Daerie, Austin Dues, wanted to create a magazine where all work was accepted.

“We wanted to create a magazine where anyone could publish anything and still be published. So, like a magazine for the people,” Dues said.

For Daerie, any submission means absolutely any submission. From the good to the bad and all things in between. Daerie accepts all work.

“Our purpose is to provide Fairmont a chance to have any and all work published,” he said.

Emily Bruzzese, Fairmont English teacher and Aerie adviser, is proud of Daerie’s initiative and was told the publication was created as joke.

“The boys wrote “My Little Pony” fanfiction and submitted it to Aerie. The 2018 staff did not accept it for publication, so this year the boys created Daerie – a magazine with a no-rejection policy,” Bruzzese said.

Aerie wants to print a certain standard of literature and art and each staff determines what the level is.

“Some pieces will be rejected from the publication,” Bruzzese said, who has advised 19 total issues of Aerie since 2001.

As the school year winds down and both staffs work on their publication, Bruzzese hopes that both magazines are well-accepted.

“I hope that both magazines have a successful sale,” she said.