Fairmont students outraged over Yearbook advertisement


An annual Firebird Yearbook advertisement quickly turned into the topic of conversation on Snapchat and Twitter. Many Fairmont students expressed their dislike and ill feelings towards the yellow ticket placed on their cars.

By Rebecca Ball, Editor-in-Chief

On April 15, 2019 Fairmont students walked out to their cars and experienced what some felt was a “heart attack”.

Under almost every student’s windshield wiper was a small yellow slip that quickly became the cause of an outburst on Twitter and angry rants on Snapchat that afternoon.

This little yellow slip said the following:

“VIOLATION. This is not a ticket. We are not your local police. If we were, we would slap you with a $500 fine for not buying a yearbook. You must go to www.yearbookforever.com and pay a minor fee to void this charge. Buy your yearbook! It is so good it should be ILLEGAL.”

The Flyer is here to tell you to calm down.

Advertising is a crucial part of any sort of publication and or business. The goal of an advertisement is to grasp your audience’s attention, and make them stop to look at their product.

Sophomore Yearbook staff member Miranda Sowerbrower has dealt with the backlash of this promotion.

“Its honestly ridiculous, people just can’t take a joke. It’s supposed to be a memorable advertisement,” Sowerbrower said.  

Senior Yearbook staffer Lindsey Coulter feels that the yearbook is overlooked and that something as simple as a promotion should not  be the cause for the yearbook to be hated on.

“I feel very angry about it because it’s a fun promotion, the yearbook doesn’t get enough appreciation for all of the hard work done,” Coulter said.

The students of Fairmont who almost had “heart attacks” and decided to post hateful Snapchat’s and Tweets are just adding to their publicity.

The advertising world always says, “no publicity is bad publicity.”

The Flyer is encouraging you personally to think, read and see the good in something before you overreact and assume the worst.