Prom is near, planning and preparation in full swing


The 2018 Prom featured a Great Gatsby Theme.

By Kaylee Anstaett, Fairmont Life Editor

Spring has sprung and so have prom dresses and promposals. Junior and senior girls and boys stress over who they will be going to prom with and what their prom plans will be.

Not only is it the juniors first year at prom, Junior Class Council is also in charge of deciding the prom theme and planning all of the decorations that go into turning Trent Arena into a classy prom venue.

Each year, Junior Class Council comes up with possible prom themes and then they narrow all of their ideas down to three for the senior class to vote on. This year, the senior class voted on the theme, Once Upon a Time. Once Upon a Time is Disney themed, but a classy Disney Fairy tale.

Decorations start being planned during January and are created days before the actual dance. Junior Class Council adviser Amber Brewer is in charge of making prom a magical day for Fairmont students.

A lot of other area high schools such as Oakwood, Centerville and Alter have their proms at a banquet centers or other rented facilities. Fairmont is fortunate to have a nice, large facility that can be transformed from a top-notch gym to a special dance venue.

By also having prom at Trent Arena, the cost of a ticket is much more reasonable than other schools. Tickets for other proms can be as much as $50 or more per person since the space must be rented out. Fairmont’s tickets are only $20.

Class Council has a Spring Retreat the day before prom where members for the incoming school year participate in a variety of ice-breaker activities in the morning and then once afternoon comes, it is all prom preparing and decorating.

Freshman through seniors are all hands on deck in preparing the Trent Arena. Each area of Trent is split up with decorations and a Junior Lead Team member is in charge of the certain areas. Other Class Council members then decide where they want to work and are split up depending on how much help will be needed in a certain location.

The areas that requires decorations are:

– The entrance, which includes decorating the windows and the lobby tables.

-The girls and boys restrooms get decorated.

-The Birds Nest school store gets covered up.

-The concessions stand gets revamped with decorations

– The right and left awards showcases get covered up.

-The ceiling in the lobby is draped with gossamer.

– A photo backdrop has to be made.

-Tables are brought to the gym.

-The bleachers get strung with lights in a shape that goes with the theme and gossamer above the lights.

Students work tirelessly making sure the decorations are set and correctly placed. In years past, members have had to stay as late as 8 p.m.  the evening before to be sure that all decorations are ready. 

In order to prevent everyone from having to stay late the evening before prom, Junior Class Council creates as many decorations as they can in advance so the only thing that has to be done the day of is putting the decorations in the right places.

Prom is a very large undertaking, but with many months of planning, creative thinking and hard work, Trent Arena will turn into a fairy tale prom destination on April 27 for all to enjoy.