Mario’s Food Review


By Logan Smith, Sports Editor

Kettering Fairmont High School has thousands of students with thousands of hobbies, but one students hobby stands out above others.

Mario Machado, a food connoisseur as he likes to call himself, is a student here at Fairmont who makes videos on Snapchat and IGTV critiquing various restaurants in the Dayton area.

His in-depth descriptions, Fortnite grading scale and humorous attitude attracted the eyes of many people and after his very first video it became obvious that people enjoyed what he was doing.

“A lot of people said, ‘this is so funny, you should do another one’ and two days after that I did another one,” Machado said.

He made his first review after seeing an item titled the French Dip and it seemed very similar to the Welsh Dip from The Pub, which is his favorite meal. But after tasting this French Dip, he was thoroughly disappointed.

“I left the restaurant and decided I was going to let everyone know that it wasn’t as good as my Welsh Dip. So, I did an entire spiel about how the bread was off, the au jus wasn’t that good and I love au jus. It was just a mess,” he said.

After that first review, he almost instantly started receiving positive feedback from people and it caught him by surprise.

“I was dumbfounded with the feedback I was getting. A lot of people were sliding up on my Snapchat, letting me know how much they liked it and how they thought it was funny,” he said. “Occasionally someone would say something kind of mean, but I didn’t care because for every rude comment, there were 10 other nice comments.”

He quickly came out with a few new videos and started asking his fans what they wanted to see change or stay the same. This is when the Fortnite grading scale rose to prominence.

This is a scale that uses dances from the popular video game Fortnite to rate the dish, almost like a one-to-five grading scale. An example of this would be five out of five hype emotes or orange justices.

“The Fortnite scale started as a joke suggested by a fan but now, it is probably the most serious part of the review,” Machado said.

What started as a joke has now become an integral part of his reviews.

“That’s some people’s favorite part of the video and it’s frankly one of my favorite parts. Just getting to say ‘three out of five hype emotes’ is my favorite thing,” he said.

He is currently facing a dilemma on whether or not he should change anything about his reviews.

On one hand, some people believe that he should start sitting down in front of a camera and doing a more formal review, rather than just talking while driving or just sitting on the couch. But on the other hand, some of his fans like the homemade and down to earth style videos.

“I think a lot of people like how authentic they are, and I may be considering streamlining them a bit more and making them a bit more formal while still maintaining the authenticity,” Machado said.

But above all, Machado just wants to keep entertaining his fans and doing what he enjoys.

“These videos started as a joke, and it may not be the content I want to create, but I’m really glad I get to create it. I just hope to continue to make people happy, make people laugh and make people hungry,” Machado said.