Business Academy takes over Bird’s Nest


By Rebecca Ball, Editor-in-Chief

On Aug. 1, 2018, The Bird’s Nest opened it’s doors and laid out inventory to mark the first day of The Bird’s Nest merger. For years, some students and members of the Kettering community had little knowledge on what exactly the The Bird’s Nest was.

Whether it be confusion on the location and hours or the lack of advertisement, some people had no clue what the store was, let alone that it even existed. For a store that should be the home base of spirit for the school district, the store lacked the attention that it deserved.

The Bird’s Nest is a Firebird apparel store that has a multitude of locations. There is a physical location in Trent Arena, a trailer at Roush Stadium and a mobile kiosk that can be taken from place to place (currently housed in the commons each day during lunch).

Fairmont High School’s Business Academy has taken over The Bird’s Nest and is shedding a new light onto the designs, marketing and management of the entire operation.

Business Academy teacher Matthew Hughes noticed that the marketing program was flourishing in opportunities for its students, and the Business Academy needed a more real world perspective on business and management.

“I was always looking for something that could make our program stand out. Through brainstorming with the treasurer from the Athletic Boosters, Kim Fantaci, we came up with the idea of a kiosk.”

Hughes set up meetings with the boosters, and also gathered input from students to develop a plan to take over The Bird’s Nest.

“I approached the Athletic Boosters and told them about how I wanted to run something like this, and they said that we could run the physical location,” he said.

The Athletic Boosters and the Career Tech Center have made hefty contributions to The Bird’s Nest.

The CTC and the Athletic Boosters shared the payment of the kiosk, costing over $3,000.

Hughes is grateful for all of the contributions the two departments have shared with starting this project.

“The Athletic Boosters have been awesome. They have a cash flow that we obviously didn’t have. It  was great to utilize their resources and buy the kiosk,” he said.

Currently The Bird’s Nest is run by students for everyday operations at all locations. Students get the full experience of handling design choices, management decisions and marketing techniques.

Since this is the first year of the Business Academy taking over The Bird’s Nest, Hughes has a little more control over the larger decisions, but welcomes input and ideas from his students.

“I’m more involved in it this year than I will be in the future since we’re just starting to figure everything out this year,” Hughes said.

The Bird’s Nest is open during every lunch period on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The Bird’s Nest physical location is open from 2:15-3:30 p.m. every school day and can be entered from the front north doors of Trent Arena.