Kettering Stars show their skills on the dance floor


Photo: Gabe Berlean

Jim Berlon practices with his partner in preparation for the big event. Berlon is a popular name around Kettering and is known for his involvement with Kettering City Schools.

By Gabe Berlean, Chief Photographer

‘Dancing with the Stars’ attracts a lot of attention on television, but what about Dancing with the Kettering Stars? The Kettering Police foundation is having citizens all around Kettering participate in a dance competition fundraiser. Well-known community members like Jim Berlon, Scott Inskeep and Jamie Jarosik are preparing for the big event.

The Kettering Police Foundation was looking for a fundraiser that was different and new to the community. The Arthur Murray dance studio decided to work alongside the Kettering Police foundation to raise money together. Once they found their ‘out of the box’ idea, they went out to find their dancers. After asking several people, they finally got their six participants to compete in the fundraiser.

The event will take place on Saturday, November 3 at 6:30 p.m. at The Presidential Banquet Center. Tickets are being sold between $5 and $450. When you buy a ticket for at least $50, you’re provided with a three course meal and a vote for your favorite Kettering Star. By paying $450 you have your own table of eight for the evening. 

The six dancers are pushed to their limits when preparing for this event. Each dance lesson is 45 minutes long, full of music and choreography. Sometimes they even have their lessons at the same time as one another, which causes some tension. Each dancer is provided at least 10 free dance lessons with a professional instructor.

The participants continue to prepare for the event off of the dance floor as well, engaging with family, friends and community members for support.

The Kettering Police Foundation has set up a big event for the small town. A total of six stars from Kettering have been matched with a dancing instructor.

Steve Bergstresser is an assistant city manager for Kettering.

Jim Berlon is a Farmers Insurance agent located in Kettering who is also involved with the community. Berlon has been involved with Kettering City Cchools pretty frequently in the past couple years. Berlon is also very involved at  Fairmont High School, where he helps out with the athletic department and boosters. 

“It has gotten a little bit competitive, but it’s fun,” Berlon said.

Berlon started a tradition at halftime of basketball games called ‘The Big Shootout’ involving students and or fans. Berlon is matched up with dancing instructor Amanda Horn who has been a dance instructor since 2013. 

“I think this could turn into an annual event, this is one of the best ways to fundraise if you’re going to do it,” Berlon said.

Arlinda Coleman is a dispatcher for the City of Kettering. Coleman, who has been with the Kettering Police Department since 2002, is involved with Battle of the Businesses which helped with the other event Coleman is a part of, The Special Olympics. Coleman is also a camera operator for DA TV.

“My goal is to not look stupid and to hit every step with some flair,” Coleman said.

With Coleman having a recent knee surgery, she has had to prepare even harder for the upcoming dance.

“My knee surgery prevents me from doing some of the moves,” Coleman said.

Jacque Fisher is a City Council Member for Kettering. Fisher ran for two at-large spots on the city council, showing her involvement in Kettering. Fisher successfully took the win and took her seat on the council. Fisher is dancing with instructor Brandon Perpich who is the owner of the Arthur Murray dancing center. 

Scott Inskeep is the Superintendent of Kettering City Cchools. Inskeep got involved with the fundraiser because it’s a great opportunity to give back to the Kettering Police Foundation. Although Inskeep is “cautiously optimistic” about the event, he’s excited to give back.

“This is a great chance for me to not only appreciate the art of dance, but to also prove to myself and others that it is possible,” Inskeep said.

Last but not least is Jamie Jarosik, who is a meteorologist on 2 News Today.

The Kettering Police Foundation is using the money made from this event to assist the Foundation with community scholarships and Shop with Cops. At the event there will be food, raffles, fun and dancing. Everyone with a ticket gets a vote for their favorite Kettering star. 

For people who can’t spend a lot of money on the fundraiser, they can spend five dollars on a ticket to vote from home. Once the competition is over, the floor will be open for attendees to dance with their dates or spouses. 

“I played college sports, but this has been just as challenging physically and mentally than anything I have done,” Inskeep said.