Epic Coffee Shoppe brings new flavor to Kettering community


Photo: Kilar Hughes

Epic Coffee Shoppe is new to Kettering and offers a unique experience that the city didn’t have before. They are open from 7a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and are closed on Sundays.

By Kilar Hughes, Flyer Staff

Kettering’s new Epic Coffee Shoppe brings a unique blend of coffees to the locals for a reasonable price and with a fresh vibe. Epic offers gourmet treats and a large variety of different types of coffee and teas. The menu ranges from espressos to Americanos, as well as different types of Chai Lattes and both hot and cold options in almost everything. They also offer various breakfast toasts, specialty sandwiches and shaved ice cream.

This new shop opened in mid July in Castle Hill Shopping Plaza, located at the corner of Stroop Road and Far Hills Avenue. Previously, this space was home to Sweet Ps Handcrafted Ice Pops which now conducts it’s business at the 2nd Street Market in Dayton. 

Owner Laura Gorham has always had the dream of opening a coffee shop, even back when she was an elementary school teacher.  With a strong interest in coffee, she knew that when the time came, she would open a coffee shop that brought something different to the table.

“The design of the shop is very unique in its own way,” Gorham said.

The shop differs from other popular or chain type cafes and coffee spots because of it’s decor and its appeal to all different types of customers. Its eclectic menu has something for everybody and the environment is made to be welcoming, encouraging people to come in and stay for a while. 

“The shop was created for the customers who like to relax and drink coffee, as well as for other customers who are intense coffee drinkers,” Gorham said.

Epic also hosts open mic nights and children reading sessions to appeal to all ages, groups and families. 

The shop is on the west corner of the shopping strip in a place that had been vacant for many years. Epic’s curb appeal has caught the eye of many, changing the stigma that went with the once empty store front.

“With this location being empty for six years, I took a risk on opening this shop in the place that I did,” Gorham said.

Finding the right spot was very important to Gorham. She took a lot of things into consideration when making her decision.

“The location is in Kettering where I live which helps, but also because it’s in a community neighborhood which is really important to me,” Gorham said.

Along with many different types of brews and pastries to eat, the shop also makes substitutions for customers with allergies and or specific preferences.

For people who are vegan and do not drink milk, they offer a very well-liked milk called “milkadamia” which is milk made from macadamia nuts and has a different type of style and taste than the popular almond milk. They also offer coconut milk and rice milk.

According to Kettering local and recurring customer Sean Gray, the thing about Epic Coffee that always keeps him coming back is the aesthetic of the place.

“The owners of the shop are very nice, and it also helps that they have quality products that they are offering,” Gray said. “They are in walking distance from my house, too.” 

Gray also talked about how the customer service is topnotch and that the workers have been very friendly every time that he has visited the shop. 

“Epic Coffee is a 10/10 overall and I will definitely keep going for a very long time,” Gray said.