2018 brings new homecoming trends to Fairmont


Photo: Rachel Simones

Pure Couture influencers model the popular 2018 homecoming dresses and styles.

By Alexis Cook, Flyer Staff

Trends for this years homecoming dresses have erupted and are filling the racks at local boutiques and department stores. Students are dying to get their hands on the new styles from the off the shoulder look, to silk and even two piece dresses which were a huge hit last season. 

Fairmont’s homecoming is on Saturday, September 22 in the James S. Trent Arena. The theme is “Firebirds Around The World” and will host over 1,000 students. Last years homecoming sold around 1,300 tickets. 

Many girls invest a lot of money and time into this highly-anticipated event. From a poll on The Flyer’s twitter page, on average girls spend between $50 and $100 on their homecoming dress. Finding the perfect dress can take weeks, even months for some students who stress about finding the latest style and color. 

Pure Couture, the largest Prom and Homecoming dress shop in Southern Ohio is a very popular spot for girls at Fairmont to buy their dresses.

Grace Wolff, sophomore cheerleader at Fairmont, is a Pure Couture influencer. Influencers model homecoming dresses and help promote all that Pure Couture has to offer.  

“Working with Pure Couture has been a wonderful experience. The environment is really positive and uplifting. The staff is really nice and always helpful,” Wolff said.

Some of the biggest trends Wolff has noticed have been by the popular brand Sherri Hill. She noticed that silky or satin materials, solid colored dresses and spaghetti strapped dresses have been a big trend. She also mentioned that emerald green and red have been some of the most popular colors flying off of the racks. 

Jordan Rice, Pure Couture marketing manager, shared her insight on how much someone’s budget should be if they decide to buy a dress from Pure Couture.

“Going into Pure Couture, people should have a budget around $150 to $300,” Rice said.

Jordan mentioned that very plain style dresses and or fully beaded styles have been selling quickly. Satin is also a highly sought after look. 

“The most popular colors are darker colors such as burgundy and forest green for the fall season,” Rice said.

Pure Couture stays busy throughout the year because they sell dresses for many other occasions such as a winter formals, military balls, proms and more. Regardless of the time of year, shoppers are always out looking for the perfect dress. 

“Every year girls start shopping earlier and earlier,” Rice said.

This year, Pure Couture started getting homecoming dresses in on July 15th.

The busiest time for Pure Couture is the back to school time frame. Many students start the school year immediately asking others what their homecoming dress looks like. Shoppers are eager to get their hands on a dress that nobody else has.

Pure Couture offers a unique service upon purchasing a dress from them. They have a computer system that checks to see if anyone from the same school has purchased the same dress. This helps buyers ensure that they won’t show up to the dance with the exact same style as one of their peers. 

“They can have the same dress with a different color, but we don’t sell the identical dress to another girl who goes to the same school,” Rice said.

Homecoming dresses are made of all types of materials such as satin, silk, tulle, mesh and many other combinations. This gives girls more options and ways to stand out with a unique style.

“I have noticed tulle bottoms are going out of style. Fit in flare however, still seems to be in style,” Rice said.

Online shopping has been another alternative for homecoming dress shopping in recent years. Lulu’s and Dillard’s are popular sites that many Fairmont students browse and purchase from when shopping for dances and formal events. 

After homecoming comes and goes, many girls will begin shopping the newest trends and fads for formal and prom.

“Prom dresses start to arrive in December, we also have a Black Friday sale where we sell dresses 60 percent off for girls on a budget,”  Rice said.