This is: Emma Kane 2018-19 United Student Body President


Photo: Rebecca Ball

Emma Kane, 2018-19 Student Body President, was elected by her peers and is ready to lead her fellow students, despite her busy schedule.

By Rebecca Ball, Editor-in-chief

Every student knows the stress of school, knows the feeling of too much homework and not enough time, and has become all too familiar with the anxiety and pressure that comes with high school. 

However, there are students out there who thrive on the stress, who take the anxiety and fear and use it as a motivator. This type of student not only works hard for the grade, but for the deadline, detail and accuracy. But, school is only half of the stress. Some students also carry the burdens of extracurricular activities. Whether it be sports, volunteering or clubs, the stress and pressure is always looming. 

Fairmont senior Emma Kane embodies that role and embraces the many hats worn by a busy high school student.

Kane is the 2018-19 United Student Body President at Fairmont High School, Manager of the Bird’s Nest, Vice President of Retail Operations for Fairmont’s Business Academy, is a member of both The National Honor Society and The Spanish National Honor Society, is a member of The Marching Firebirds, is youth leader with Partners for a Healthy Youth and is an active member of Because of God’s Grace.

Kane faces the everyday stresses of school, as well as the stress that comes with being in numerous leadership roles.

Her biggest motivators are her mother Jennifer Kane and father Dan Kane. Kane’s mother taught her to serve the community and stay involved.

“When I was little she was really involved with the PTO, and she taught me from a young age to serve and get involved.” she said. “To be passionate about something you can serve for and to make a difference.”

Her father Dan taught her how to stay calm and not fill up her plate all at once.

“He influenced me by always remaining calm, so it’s part of who I am today because I’m also very slow to panic,” she said.

When asked about why she does participate in such a large amount of activities she replied with a simple, “I like to help people.”   

Before Kane got to Fairmont, she was very active in middle school, always trying to take on whatever she could. 

“I used to give all my time, attention and energy into everything,” she said. “I’m learning how to put my energy into things I’m passionate about now,” she said.

At Fairmont, Kane found a great place where she could invest her time and energy with a goal of making a positive change in the world.

“I like how diverse Fairmont is. There are lots of different activities students can get involved in and anyone can find their niche here,” she said.

With all of that being said, many are curious about her stress levels and how she is able to balance it all. 

“Yes, I’m stressed, but I thrive off stress and I’m much more productive when I’m doing a lot at once,” Kane said. “I’m not overwhelmed but I’m not relaxed either I’m at a happy medium,” she said.

As for other students dealing with stress, Kane had some advice to share with them. 

“If you have to pull an all nighter Wednesday to make it to Friday, just do it,” she said. “Grab a coffee Thursday morning and just get through it.”



What is your GPA?


Are you in AP/IB or Honors classes?

AP Literature and Composition and Honors Spanish.

What college do you want to attend?

I would love to attend Miami University, but honestly anywhere would be great.

What do you want to major in?

I want to major in Business Administration, or anything business for that matter.

What is your favorite subject?

My favorite class this year is Business Academy.