Nope you’re wrong, Marvel Comics is way better


Photo: Rebecca Ball

Marvel Comics hero’s Deadpool and Captain America stand by Marvel’s evil villains Loki and Red Skull.

By Rebecca Ball, Editor-in-Chief

Out of all the superheroes, villains, sidekicks and story plots Marvel Comics takes the cake. Through diverse stories, backgrounds, and personalities the creators of Marvel have created characters to relate to all of the public. These characters excite people of all ages and backgrounds.

Captain America: The First Avenger made over 300 million dollars, while there most recent movie, Black Panther, has already grossed over one billion dollars world wide … proving how popular and loved their movie franchise is.   

As for my opinion, my top two favorite would have to be, Captain America and Deadpool. These characters intrigue me through their story plots, witty remarks and action packed abilities.

In contrast Marvel villains tend to have love/hate relationships with their readers. Some of these villains are misunderstood with true hearts of gold, who were raised in a poor environment. Meanwhile, others are vile evil creatures ready to destroy everything good in the world. My top two favorite Marvel villains are Loki and Red Skull. Loki is one of the most misunderstood characters. He grew up feeling unloved and miserable, with his only salvation being his father’s approval. On the other hand Red Skull is a horrible human being turned monster with a thirst for blood and terror. Although these two are villains they still have a place in my heart for being the two best marvel villains.

Captain America

This star spangled hero is my absolute favorite character from the Marvel franchise. His backstory, in my opinion, is the best out of all the heros. Steven Grant Rogers was just a young boy from Brooklyn, New York in the 1940’s when he decided that he wanted to serve his country in the midst of World War II. However, due to his small stature and asthma attacks he was never enlisted. Steve wanted to serve his country so badly that he even went against the law, and applied for the army with fake names, addresses, and information.

All of his strong morale and determination, that was once ignored,  finally led him down the right path, when a Dr. Reinstein came and enlisted him for Project: Rebirth. Through a series of mental and physical test Steve was chosen as the perfect candidate for the project. Rogers was in cased in a metal tube that injected an unknown serum into his body. After hours of excruciating pain the tube was opened up to reveal a Steve Rogers completely reformed. He was now tall, muscular, fast, and healthy. With this serum the first Super Soldier was created. He was later on given the name Captain America has a

symbol for the hope of America during World War II. Rogers is best known for his red, white and blue shield along with an even more patriotic combat suit. My main reasoning for loving this character is his backstory he comes from such a humble beginning and wanted to protect his so badly he was willing to give up his life to save it.


Wade Wilson better known as “Deadpool” is a former special operations soldier who was mutated by Ajax, the Deadpool series villain. Ajax took Wilson tortured, transformed, and disfigured him into a mutant. With his mutation Wilson now has accelerated healing powers along with past fighting abilities turning him into the vigilante known as Deadpool. His backstory, however interesting, is not my favorite part about him. The most unique part of Deadpool is that he knows that he is a comic book character. The whole time whether in movies or books Wilson makes witty remarks to the reader that shows he knows what’s going on outside the realm of his superhero world. Deadpool’s sarcasm, wit, and determination to right the wrongs that have been done to him makes him my second favorite Marvel character.


A long time ago, The Asgardian King and God Odin was fighting a tribe of Frost Giants. After the war was over, Odin, found a small Asgardian boy within the the Frost Giants home. This child was Loki, Odin decided to take the boy in and raise him alongside his biological son, Thor. Loki grew up resenting his brother, due to his fathering favoring the younger child. As he grew older, Loki had a knack for causing mischief, which led to the people of Asgard to grow weary of his rule. When Loki found out about his orphaned past he became angry with his father, brother, and the people of Asgard. He tried on many occasions to take over Asgard and destroy his brother Thor. One reason why I love this character so much is because of his witty and sarcastic humor he maintains through his story. His scorned past and destructive present, and hopefully bright future makes Loki, in my opinion, one of the best villains there is.

Red Skull

Johann Schmidt was a German Nazi, general officer to Adolf Hitler, and the leader of Hydra. His beginning started with being the cause of his mother’s death, when she died giving birth to Schmidt. Due to his wife’s death Schmidt’s father, Hermann, blamed the young child and tried to drown him. After being stopped from drowning his own child Hermann committed suicide, leaving his only child an orphan.

As time went on Schmidt grew up on the streets as a beggar and thief. While working a menial job for a Jewish shopkeeper he grew fond of the shopkeeper’s daughter, who later became Schmidt’s first kill and stirred anger inside him for the Jewish race. Schmidt’s violent streak later led him to working at a hotel where he met Hitler and became his right hand man. Schmidt became one of the most feared people in the world by Hitler’s side. As a token of his gratitude, Hitler gave him a vial red skull mask turning him into the Red Skull. Red Skull became Captain America’s number one enemy in the 1940’s.The battle between the two led to Red Skull’s demise, when Captain America and his gang attacked the Hydra base. After the victory against Schmidt Roger’s was faced with his inevitable plunge into the icy water, frozen, waiting to be found over 70 years later after saving his country.

These characters are the epitome of what Marvel heroes and villains are and should be. Their comics, plot, background, and even movies are stories to remember. I hope that as the years go on, and more heroes and villains are created, that the characters will be just as great of not better as the ones mentioned above.