Mother’s Day memories and madness


By Jairi Walker, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. The time when the days get longer and warmer. The time when flowers bloom and fill the earth with pretty, vibrant colors. Most importantly it is the time when we give thanks to all of our wonderful mothers and take the time to appreciate all that they do for us. The american version of Mother’s Day, which is observed by over 40 countries, originated in Grafton, West Virginia. It is a day where we honor and recognize moms all around the world. One way we can do that is by reminiscing on the amazing times and memories that have happened in our lives:


“We were in New York City, just me and my mom and we were riding on a ferry and we were just watching the Statue of Liberty and it was just an awesome experience.”

– Nick Abate

“We were driving home late one night during the summer. We had the windows down and we were blasting rap music and just having a great time.”

– Sydney Glynn

“For my 7th birthday, my mom took me to a photo booth and we just took so many wacky pictures that we still have to this day.”

– Sydney Hoskins

“We were in Florida jet-skiing and we almost got lost in the ocean but we found our way back and now we laugh at the time we almost got stranded at sea.”

– Rayne Liddy

“My mom always supports me in everything I do and even drove to Lakota East for my wrestling meet to cheer me on.”

– Mario Machado

“My mom took me out of school one day just randomly and took me shopping and bought me all kinds of clothes and nice things.”

– Hailey Rowe

“In fourth grade, I was reading a story to my mom and I accidentally mispronounced the name ‘Sylvester’ and ever since then she has called me by that as a nickname.”

– Makayla Snyder

“We were at Hocking Hills and we were hiking and me and my sister climbed up so high that my mom was scared for us. We laugh at it now though.”

– Wally Timmer

“My mom is there for me every single day and I appreciate her for it. She teaches me new things every day and always gives me lots of love and attention.”

– Lauren Wyland

Throughout the timeless recollections of the glory days spent with our moms, we will never forget their importance. Many of us show our appreciation through different forms such as music and songwriting to photography. Even if we don’t express our love in the most creative ways, we must never forget the day when mom is number one.