How to: Survive Fairmont

By Lyndsi Winfield, Features Writer

Every freshman needs a survival guide to follow before going into their four year term as a high schooler. Whether it be the transition from middle school to a rather large high school, or the fact that you are heavily outnumbered by 3 other classes who already know how things work here, life as a measly 9th grader can be a tad overwhelming. Here are some tips to survive Fairmont High School.


  1. Avoid the Central Unit lobby

A good way to look at Fairmont High School is multiple rivers flowing together. Following the current is your easiest way to get around. But, the Central Unit lobby is a whole other story. Many could compare this lobby to a hurricane; students talking in the middle of the walkways while ruthless teenagers push their ways through to their classes. Whatever you do, avoid this at all costs.


  1. Get the boring classes over first

You have four years to get all the electives you choose and mandatory credits completed. So many graduates could tell you to get your “boring,” mandatory or core credits first, so that you can use your last few years to choose your path and have fun in your classes.


  1. Gym credit/sport seasons

It is known that many people go their entire high school career without taking a gym class, but don’t be the “two gym period senior”. Take them your first two years! Or, you can get what is called a gym waiver which is when you play a sport and each season counts for each of your required gym classes.


  1. NO P.D.A.

No one wants to see you and your significant other squishing faces, point blank. This doesn’t mean you can’t hold hands with them, but the stationary “hugging” and touching is just awkward for every party, the watchers included. Do you really not care about all the eyes watching you?


  1. Speed up to the flow of traffic

In these “rivers” here at Fairmont, the biggest pet peeve of many upperclassmen is the “chatters” or those who walk incredibly slow compared to the “current”. Why be bothered by watching an instructional video on hallway walking each morning, when you could just walk to each class normally?


  1. Study Halls

When it comes to study halls, you have to figure this out for yourself. Will it help you keep up in your classes or just waste a period that you could be using for a class you want to take or a credit that you need? You could also use a free period to be a student assistant where, while giving you some time to catch up with your work, you can also help out one of your favorite teachers.


  1. Online classes

If you have the motivation and drive to do your work and get things done, then online classes might be for you. This can clear up a period that you could use for an elective or any other classes. You can talk to your counselor in order to look into what classes you are taking that have online options.


  1. Turn your work in on time

In your life you will always have deadlines, and in the real world that means the day of, not three days later. You will sooner lose a job than have a report or other work accepted late. Learn this now before it is too late.


  1. Stay calm

Most importantly, in order to survive here at Fairmont, you must keep your cool. Don’t worry, high school isn’t as scary as the movies and television make it seem. Try your hardest in all of your classes and you will succeed.


These nine tips may not completely prevent you from making silly, sometimes embarrassing mistakes as a “freshy” or newbie at Fairmont, but following them could help alleviate some of your headaches. They could also limit the amount of regrets you have when you look back on your freshmen year. The best advice you could be given is to do your best and rock out these next four years, and every year ahead of them.