March local gem of the month: SICSA


Photo: SICSA Photographer

Four kittens at SICSA in Kettering, located at 2600 Wilmington Pike.

By Rebecca Ball, Editor-in-Chief

Dogs and cats galore. That’s what you’ll see when you step foot into the pet adoption center, SICSA. Their business’s mission is to promote the welfare and adoption of companion animals, and nurture loving, lifelong relationships between animals and people.

With their objective being to spread awareness to everyone about adopting furry friends and promoting their animals well-being, they set goals each year to try and help more animals each time around.

According to the SICSA newsletter, Stray Thoughts, their team’s 2018 goal is aspiring to have 1655 adoptions, 25,000 volunteer hours and 3320 spay/neuter surgeries.

Not only do they set these goals, SICSA also offers multiple events and opportunities to the community like the Lift Your Leg 10k, 5k, and mile, the Cats Meow, Paws to Celebrate and more.

The Lift you Leg 10k, 5k and mile, is a race at Centerville High School, that anyone can come to and bring their pets to join along in the fun. This event will be hosted on June 2, 2018 and will include vendors, food trucks, facepainting and fun canine entertainment.

The Cats Meow is a cocktail gala, hosted at the Canopy Creek Farm which supports homeless animals in the community.

Paws to Celebrate is a dinner to celebrate animals,  at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. Tickets and reservations can be located on the Sicsa website.

As for the teenagers in the community, there are plenty of options for them to volunteer. SICSA offers a “Volunteen” program where teens from ages 13 to 17 can help out at SICSA and be a part of the Teen Animal Inspired Leaders Society Club or T.A.I.L.S, and help out the community.

Katie Neubert, SICSA’s Director of Community Engagement, wants the people of Kettering to know about SICSA, what they do and what their name truly means.

Neubert realizes that the community has different ways of saying SICSA, but she has a trick to help out anyone confused.

“Its six like the number six, and ah as in ‘ah’ all the lives we’re saving and the families we’re building,” she said.

However, that’s not the only meaning behind the name SICSA. Their name is an acronym for a “society for the improvement of the the conditions of stray animals,” Neubert said.

SICSA’s goal is to have all of their animals find loving homes, and they are willing to spend as much money and time as they can. To achieve this, every dog and cat at SICSA before adopted, are spayed and or neutered, micro chipped and have their proper shots.

Neubert knows that there are plenty of pet stores around the community that anyone can go to, but she encourages people to adopt a furry friend instead of buying. Her reasoning behind this is that, normally with adopted dogs they have been stranded, neglected or abused, so they need as much love as they can get.  

“We always encourage to adopt and not shop,” she said.

Adopting a dog or cat or any animal for that matter is a commitment. Not only is it a responsibility for the owners, but it is a full lifetime commitment for the pet they choose.

Neubert’s advice for future pet owners is to be ready for the time and energy it takes to raise an animal.

“They need your love, just as much as you may need theirs,” Neubert said.

To adopt your new furry friend go to or visit them personally at 2600 Wilmington Pike Kettering, Ohio, 45419. To volunteer look at their event page:  Upcoming Events – SICSA or call SICSA at (937)-294-6505 for more information.