Sorry, but DC Universe is better …

By Jairi Walker, Staff Writer

If I had to pick my top five favorite DC characters in ascending order of my most favorite I’d pick: Harley Quinn, Robin, Joker, Batman and Catwoman. They are all heroes and villains from the City of Gotham. I have no preference over heroes or villains, I am most intrigued by the characters abilities. I like these characters a lot because aside from the fact that they’re all pretty awesome, they all have an interesting backstory.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, personally known as Harleen Frances Quinzel, was a psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum, a mental institution where Joker was held. She gained much empathy for him and eventually fell madly in love with him, completely oblivious to his psychotic nature. Joker does not reciprocate these feelings, often using Quinzel for his own benefit and even torturing her for a duration, almost killing her. One time, Joker almost realized that he had genuine, true feelings for Quinzel and sent her off on a rocket. She survived and through this experience met Poison Ivy, a skilled botanist and a villainess. They find camaraderie within each other and Ivy gives her a permanent immunity to most toxins. After Quinzel falls in love with Joker again, their relationship dissolves momentarily until they meet again and form the Gotham City Sirens along with Catwoman. She is a skilled hand to hand combatant, and possesses enhanced agility and acrobatics. She carries around a wooden mallet as her main weapon. I like Quinn because she has a kind heart despite her malicious intentions.


Robin, known personally as Dick Grayson, was born on the first day of spring. He grew up in a circus family called The Flying Graysons. He has been trained in acrobatics since birth. Grayson is most popularly known as Robin the Boy Wonder, and Batman’s sidekick. The two met when Wayne disguised as Batman witnessed a mafia boss murder Grayson’s parents. Knowing personally of the pain that comes with losing your parents, he took Grayson in and made him his sidekick. Grayson’s agility is almost unmatched by many. He uses two shatterproof batons as his main weapons. Grayson was only the first of many Robins and once one dies, the hero is quickly replaced with someone with skills at par or better than the previous Robin. I like Robin because of his unwavering loyalty to Batman.


Joker has no known real name, he has always just gone by Joker. He is Batman’s number one archenemy. Many believe that he started out as a criminal called the Red Hood. One day, he fell into a vat of chemicals while escaping Batman and emerged with bleach white skin, green hair, and a menacing red smile. He is solely devoted to evil and wreaking as much havoc as possible. He wields comedical weapons such as razor sharp playing cards, acidic flowers, cyanide pies, and many more. His most famous weapon is his Happy Gas, which is a poisonous gas that makes its victim laugh uncontrollably until they die. Despite being portrayed as a sociopath, he is well versed in the fields of chemistry, genetics and nuclear engineering. He has an awkward relationship with Harley Quinn, but due to his psychopathic tendencies, he always shuns his feelings away. I like Joker because he has the mindset of a madman and the potential to be the greatest villain in the DC Universe. He never was truly defeated.


Batman, known personally as Bruce Wayne, was orphaned as a child when both of his parents were murdered. He was later taken in by a man named Alfred Pennyworth. The two lived in a luxurious mansion that Wayne had inherited. This was where Wayne learned how to become Batman and utilize the Batcave and all its Bat products. Wayne has impenetrable morals that never waver, many believe this is what makes him the ultimate hero. He is trained in mixed martial arts, acrobatics, stealth, and has a wide assortment of bat themed weapons and gadgets such as batarangs, smoke bombs, and bat wings that allow him to glide. I like Batman because he has an unwavering loyalty the forces of good.


Catwoman, known personally as Selina Kyle, was also orphaned as a child when her mother commited suicide and her father became an abusive drunk. She unfortunately was shuttled into a terrible state home for orphaned girls with her sister. They were eventually separated as Kyle broke out of the home and started living off the streets. She quickly learned some new skills including: contortionism, pickpocketing and gymnastics. She has an on again off again relationship with Wayne. This is due to the fact that Wayne is strictly a hero devoted to the protection of Gotham city while Kyle is generally fluid with her alignment. She has been sighted fighting for both the sides of good and evil. She carries around a leather bull whip and has titanium claws stitched into her costume. I like Catwoman because she represents independence and she defines the role of a strong woman.

My favorite DC Universe characters aren’t necessarily good or evil. On some level I can relate to all of them. Most importantly, I just love the plot and storyline of the entire comic series because one event always leads to another and everything always comes full circle. There are no loose ends. Catwoman is my number one favorite because she has no true alignment to good or evil. She also is just a breath-taking anti heroine with an interesting and tragic history.