Astronomy Club skyrockets as new opportunity at Fairmont


Photo: Jairi Walker

Astronomy Club makes it’s debut at Fairmont.

By Jairi Walker, Flyer Staff

Fairmont is seeing a new club during the second half of the 2017-2018 school year. This astronomical after school event is headed by math teachers, Scott Mitter and Jeff Snider. This group is also led by junior, Ava Kuperman.

The origins of this club actually started before the 2017-2018 winter break. Kuperman had approached the two math teachers with the idea of starting an astronomy oriented class; however, this could not be accomplished until the second semester for various reasons.

Kuperman intends for this club to be scientific and informative. The activities are made to be hands on and interactive. From reading books about the skies to actually looking at the sky through the clubs very own telescope, the astronomy club is going to be a hit and peak the interest of many.

The leaders have all sorts of fun stuff planned for the rest of the semester including planetarium visits, stargazing, and plenty of other sky related activities. They will talk about the total solar eclipse that happened this fall, blood moons and what those are all about, and even constellations.

Fairmont actually has their very own telescope that was donated to them. Since most astronomical events happen during the night or very early in the morning, it is fairly difficult to catch most sightings. However the astronomy club won’t let this stand in their way.

All students are encouraged to join. Meetings are in room 333 on Thursday afternoons right after school. If you are really interested in the stars and the sky, but your schedule just won’t allow it, contact Scott Mitter or Jeff Snider for more information. They might also be able to direct you to certain astronomical events you could witness for yourself on your own time.

Here are some other dates to keep an eye out for:

March 2: Full moon – Be sure to catch this beautiful full moon on this evening

March 31: Blue moon – Second full moon in the same month so it is referred to as a blue moon

April 22-23: Lyrids meteor shower – Make a wish and watch this wonderful meteor shower

April 30: Full moon – Catch another spectacular full moon sighting on this evening