This is: Cayla Teeters, 2017-2018 Student Body President

By Aly Whitman, Features Editor

What sports are you involved in?
I cheer for varsity basketball.

What clubs are you involved in?
I’m in USB/Class Council, buddy system, growing peace, and Kettering loves.

Any other extracurriculars/leadership roles?
I’m USB president and captain of varsity basketball cheerleading.

What is your gpa?

Are you in AP/IB classes?
Not now.

How do you manage to keep your grades up while being involved in everything?
I think time management is key. You have to balance everything.

You got elected as USB president, how is it? What’s your favorite part of being president? Least favorite?
USB is awesome. It’s a great way to become involved. My favorite part is coming up with different service projects, volunteering and giving back to our school/community. My least favorite part would have to be that not a lot of people know what we do and people like to make jokes about our name.

What are your goals for this year?
I’m working on creating a service project that octagon club and class council are working on together. I want to be really involved in the retirement homes that we visit. I also want to keep up my grades and spend time with my friends before graduation.

What do you want to tell your peers who may look up to you?
Over the years, a lot will change and you will learn a lot. The most important thing is the value of relationships and to be involved and give back.

What are your plans for after high school?
I’m going to Bowling Green State University. I’m going to major in business. At Bowling Green, I want to get involved in clubs and continue to be involved.