Local Gem of Kettering: Spark Art Studio


Photo: Rebecca Ball

Kettering’s own Spark Art Studio, located at 3126 Wilmington Pike, offers a variety of classes and sessions for all skill levels and ages.

By Rebecca Ball, Editor-in-cheif

Congratulations to Spark Art Studio for being The Flyer’s local gem of the month. This business started out 12 years ago as an initiative to help students cultivate their curiosity.

Jennifer Farrington, creator of Spark Art Studio, was an art teacher at a Dayton Montessori School. While teaching, she saw that there was a need for an after school enrichment program for the young adults she taught. Thus, Spark Art Studio came to fruition. 

Jamie Aubin, current owner and director of Spark Art Studio is very passionate about what her business stands for and does for the community.

“I’ve been an artist my whole life and love the idea of changing lives with art,” Aubin said.

Spark Art Studio celebrates the creation and process of their students art projects, not just what it will turn out to be in the end.

“We’re the first place I’ve seen that cares more about the process than the final results,” Aubin said.

This business is not only for kids. While they offer opportunities such as birthday celebrations, kid workshops and general parties for youth, they also offer different classes for adults too. Spark Art Studio hosts adult nights, parties and family events for the holidays.

For more information or to browse class offerings, please look at Spark Art Studio’s Facebook Page or visit their website at: sparkartstudio.com

Aubin wants people to know that Spark Art Studio is a place for everyone to learn new things and to bring out their artistic side.

“It is a fun-loving creative environment, where anyone can feel at home and get creative,” she said.