Barry Bagels’ popularity quickly spreads at new location

Barry Bagels found a new home in Kettering, bringing fresh sandwiches and hot coffee to the residents of Kettering and neighboring Oakwood and Centerville communities.

Photo: Madison Bartley & Jairri Walker

Barry Bagels found a new home in Kettering, bringing fresh sandwiches and hot coffee to the residents of Kettering and neighboring Oakwood and Centerville communities.

By Madison Bartley & Jairi Walker, Flyer Staff

“Everything tastes better on a bagel!” This is the motto at Barry Bagels, a relatively new bagel shop located at 4313 Far Hills Avenue in Kettering.

Barry’s opened on July 25, 2017 under the management of Jonathan Hauge. The ownership team felt strongly about being a member of the community, which is one of the reasons why they chose this particular location.

Hauge said that they are getting the word out about his fresh bagel shop by attending various events around Kettering. A recent event that Barry Bagels made an appearance at was the ‘Taste of Kettering’ which is an annual event hosted at the Fraze.

Hauge also noted that Barry Bagels is active on social media including, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the handle @barryskettering.

They also use radio advertising and special promotions such as the ‘Buckeye Bagel’ which consists of white chocolate and caramel swirl. This premium bagel goes for $6.50 a dozen on Buckeye game days.

This location is the only one in the Dayton area. Other shops are stationed up north near Toledo as well as two locations in Michigan. The management team hopes that the Dayton area will give them a try and be pleased with their extensive menu and numerous catering options.

Besides the obvious food items of bagels and cream cheese, they offer a variety of different options to customers for all three meals of the day.

“We are not just bagels,” Hauge said. “We are sandwiches, soups, salads, and great cookies.”

Their produce is always fresh, as it comes from Dorothy Lane Market, a local, reputable venue. Big Sky Bread Company supplies everything that this bagel shop needs in terms of loaves of breads for sandwiches and catering. Barry Bagels prides themselves on on using local vendors and resources to stock their shelves.

“That’s just another kind of local restaurant that we’re supporting, and we view their bread as the best,”  Hauge said.  

Barry Bagels also serves fresh, hot coffee all day long. They have a variety of five different flavors including: crème brûlée, hazelnut, black, decaf and french roast. One perk of buying your coffee at Barry Bagels is that it is just $1.99 a cup.

“I like to tell people that it is the best and cheapest cup of coffee you’re going to find in town,” Hauge said.

Barry Bagels is currently just shy of 30 employees, but they are growing rapidly. There are four current Fairmont students and five Fairmont graduates that are presently working at this location.

One of the employees, Cooper Moyer, a 2017 graduate of Fairmont, said that he got the job there so that he could work under Jonathan.

“Jon asked me if I wanted to be a bagel guy, and I said, ‘Yeah I do,’” Moyer said.  

He said that Hauge promotes the store really well and has the restaurant running great and off to a fast start at their new location.

Kent Drake, Fairmont teacher and coach, is an avid customer at the new bagel shop and was excited that a different restaurant was filling the once vacant spot.

“I was driving by and saw it being built,” Drake said. “My wife and I were eager to try it since we used to go to Bagel Cafe all the time (before it closed).”

Drake’s favorite menu items are the the roast beef sandwich with jalapeño and cheddar cheese and the cinnamon vanilla bagel with brown sugar cream cheese. He said that sometimes it takes a bit to get through the line, but that is expected for any new restaurant.

“They were on a learning curve.” he said. “The employees and managers are doing a great job, and I can see this place being very successful here in Kettering.”


Madison and Jairi’s Review:

Overall Ratings:

  1. Customer Service – Jairi: 10/10, Madison: 10/10
  2. Food – Jairi: 8/10, Madison: 9/10
  3. Environment – Jairi: 9/10, Madison: 10/10

We both rated the customer service the way we did, 10/10 because we thought that the employees were very polite, efficient, and friendly.

When rating the food, Jairi got the hot pastrami bagel sandwich. Although he thought that it was a little cold when he began eating it, it was a delicious sandwich and he would order it again.

Madison got the bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. She thoroughly enjoyed this item and commented on how fresh the bagel and bacon were. 

When we walked into the restaurant, we noticed that it was very clean with nice, new furniture. The manager greeted us with a friendly attitude and a great smile. Overall we would recommend other people try Barry Bagels out soon! 

Check out the new location at: