Senioritis and prank day could result in not walking


By Khrissa Bergman, Breaking News Staff

Senioritis can be defined as a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized as a decline in motivation or performance. Students start to wake up later and later, grades might drop, and also behaviors tend to change.

With the loss of interest and often times rebellious behavior, comes consequences. A well-known consequence at Fairmont is losing the privilege to walk at graduation. Not being able to walk at graduation means not getting to spend a final evening with one’s peers and a student’s family and friends not getting to witness this prestigious accomplishment.

The principals have come together to make sure the end of the 2016-17 school year ends successfully.  During the month of May there is a realm of state testing and rigorous preparation for final exams.

“If anyone does anything to disrupt the day there will be disciplinary consequences. As we get closer to the end of the year, seniors disciplinary consequences may be not being able to walk,” said principal, Tyler Alexander.

Most people are familiar with the term ‘Senior Prank Day’ which happens toward the end of the year at most high schools. Videos and social media posts can be found all over the internet displaying pranks meant to create laughter or disarray. However, some pranks can end up warranting very serious consequences.

“If there is anything done to vandalize property or students are on campus when they are not allowed to be, we will work through the Kettering Police Department and the students will face consequences,” Alexander said.

A high school graduation ceremony is a tradition, yet it is not required. No student is required to walk at the ceremony. They can obtain their diploma regardless of their attendance at commencement. Likewise, the school has the right to deny anyone the right to walk at graduation if they do not act accordingly and comply with school standards and expectations.

Family and friends are known to travel quite a long distance to attend commencement ceremonies. Graduation ends up being a weekend get together, followed by parties and celebration.

“We try not to deny anyone the opportunity to walk unless it is something really really bad.  The loss of being able to walk is a family loss as well,” said Central Unit Principal, Andrew White.

There are a few things that will deny a student the privilege of walking across the stage on that Thursday evening in May.

“The following list will cause you to not be able to walk but is not limited to fighting, vandalism, violation of law on campus, repeated extreme bullying or harassment,” said White.

Senior year is the end of a memorable chapter of every student’s life; punishment is not how anyone wants it to end. According to White, you can still have fun without getting in trouble. Many harmless pranks and funny celebrations have occurred at Fairmont to celebrate the graduating class or to have fun with a teacher or group of people.

“If small group of hardworking students want to do a small prank, my advice would be to go to Alexander and ask him if he believes that it is acceptable.” said White.

Graduating high school is something students will remember for a lifetime. Students should do what is expected in order to ensure their attendance at the ceremony.

“It would be devastating for someone who has worked hard for 3 ¾ years to just not continue working hard.” said Alexander.