Outdated Movie Reviews: Introduction

By Dalton Smith, Editor-in-Chief

I’m introducing my new column, “Outdated Movie Reviews.” My passion for movies, but not necessarily new ones, fueled me to create this. Too many times have I talked about a classic movie to hear, “What is that?” It makes me upset even thinking about it.

In this column, I will be reviewing one movie a week. These could range anywhere from the 1900’s, to even 2015. These are just movies I feel everyone needs to see at some point or another, but I will refrain from doing anything too recent.

I’ll grade the movies on a variety of things, all totaling up to a number out of 10. Keep in mind, these will all be movies I enjoy in some way or another, so don’t expect anything too low.

If you’re a movie addict like I am and there’s a movie you would like me to review, feel free to send me an email to [email protected]!

You can look for me to post a new review each Tuesday. I hope you enjoy my new column!