Prom: Too expensive or worth every memory?


Promposals have overtaken high school’s in the spring. Students go out of their way to come up with a creative way to surprise their date.

Prom, is a night for fancy dinners, flowers and limos. The money spent on this special night can be a tad impractical for many high school students.

More than just the cost, some would rather go to work or spend their evening with friends doing other activities … without the high price tag and stiff outfits. 

Those who choose to attend prom must take into consideration many factors in order to make it happen. Dance tickets, dinner reservations, transportation, flowers, clothes, after prom tickets, and usually a late night or early morning meal as well. Costs quickly add up with the more luxuries a student wants to indulge in.

Fairmont senior, Nick Moreland doesn’t think of prom as a big deal like some other seniors do.

“Prom is not worth it, it costs too much money,” Moreland said.

While the cost may be a topic of discussion, a lot of work goes into making prom the “perfect” night for FHS students. Everything is done to make sure that the night is one that the students will enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives.

Amber Brewer, Fairmont math teacher and prom coordinator, takes on a full load with planning the event. Brewer and her Junior Class Council students spend months making sure that everything fits the theme perfectly and is in place.

“I might be in tears a couple of times, but I absolutely love planning prom,” Brewer said.

Brewer believes that the price of prom at Fairmont and everything it offers is worth the experience for all students.

“Prom is worth it. Our prom is cheap compared to schools around us. Our tickets are $20 a piece, while a lot of schools around us range from $60-$100 per ticket,” Brewer said. We don’t have to rent out a facility for prom, we get the arena for free.”

Prom is supposed to be an American rite of passage. It is a night that should not be missed, a time to celebrate the final days of high school with the people that you’ve shared the last 4 years.

Many students love the idea of being able to get dressed up and spend the evening dancing and enjoying each others company. Some students wouldn’t dream of missing this event. 

“Prom is really fun. It’s fun to get dressed up and it is definitely the most fun dance of the year,” junior Caitlin Wilkinson said.

On average, a student can spend around $500 for prom night. Some students admit that they are willing to spend a lot of money on prom just to have that one night of fun and glam.

“I like being able to spend money on a fancy dress that I love,” Wilkinson said. “I’m willing to spend $500 on a prom dress and about $150 on my hair and makeup.”

Not everyone spends that much, but most will agree that the evening out should not be missed.

“Prom is a time to show off your beauty and make memories,” senior Brody Mast said.

Before the main event arrives, many students face social anxieties throughout the process. How to ask, what to wear, and who to go with can sometimes be stressful.

‘Promposals’ are a big thing within the walls of a high school. The bigger the better. From puppies, to glittery signs, to cupcakes, and so much more, the pressure is on to create that element of surprise and originality when asking someone to prom. 

“Promposals are becoming more elaborate. I feel like some girls are going to be disappointed when their engagement comes because their promposal was bigger and better than their actual engagement,” Brewer said.

While most students enjoy the process and the build-up to the big night, some FHS students aren’t too sure about the event and what it offers.

“I’m indifferent about looking forward to prom. It’s expensive and the music is usually trash,” Moreland said.

Senior Mariah Roe has decided to go to Hawaii on vacation rather than attending her senior prom.

“It was a really hard decision to make. I asked my friends, and I thought about it. Would I rather have one night at prom that could go good or bad,” Roe Said, “or spend 10 days in Hawaii where I know I will have fun.”

To each their own in regards to opinions on the dance. Whether a student chooses to go or not is up to them and they are allowed to voice their opinions.

Roe believes that it is supposed to be a night to let loose and have fun with friends.

“You should go have fun at prom. Don’t stress about how you look or who you go with,”  Roe said.

Fairmont’s prom takes place on Saturday, April 22. Tickets are $20 a piece, and the theme this year is ‘Neverland.’ After Prom will take place from at Fairmont following the dance and is themed “Night of the Dancing Dragon.”