March Athlete of the Month: Lily Knopp


By Kaylee Anstaett, Fairmont Life

Congratulations to senior, Lily Knopp, on being the March athlete of the month. Knopp is a member of the Fairmont diving team. She competed in the six and 11 dives and broke both of these records. She decided to become a diver after being a gymnast for nine years. “I have learned a lot from athletics, how to stay humble with success and how to push through when faced with failure,” Knopp said. She and the athletic director, Chris Weaver, started F.A.S.T. (Firebird Athlete Success Training) to make a positive impact to athletes. Practice has played an important role in her career. “In the sport of diving, repetition is vital. Practices are gold. Not only has practicing everyday impacted my athletic career but it has impacted my academic career as well. It has really taught me to budget my time,” Knopp said.

What role(s) have you played in diving? Captain Junior and Senior year

How long have you been diving? 4 years

What advice would you give to student athletes? Your biggest competition is yourself.

What has been one of the most challenging things throughout your athletic career? Making the decision to not continue my diving career at a NCAA division one university.