Young’s Dairy attracts visitors with unique family experience


Photo: Scott Beale

The front entrance at Young’s Dairy farm.

The Young’s Dairy barn was built in 1869 and the farm was later expanded onto a 60-acre plot of land. Almost 90 years later, the Young’s family started selling their milk locally. As it stands today after more than 140 years, the barn has flourished into a popular business for locals.

Young’s Dairy provides a surplus of activities for visitors at the farm that features a popular 18-hole miniature golf course, batting cages, a driving range, Moovers and Shakers(A barrel ride around the farm), and Cowvin’s Fast Slide for kids.

In addition to the year-long fun, they also hold multiple festivals such as the The Wool Gathering where families can see sheep, llamas, alpacas, cashmere goats and angora rabbits. With tons of vendors and demonstrations of weaving and wool spinning, there’s plenty of fun for visitors.

Other festivals include the Young’s Annual Cheese Anniversary, Fall Farm Pumpkin Festival, and the Vintage Truck Show.  

Amongst the people that visit the family oriented farm, many of those visitors are high school students who go to enjoy the homemade ice cream and enjoy the friendly farm animals.

Fairmont Senior, Taylor Vittorio, loves going to Young’s Dairy.

“Young’s Dairy is a lot of fun to go to because there’s so much to do,” Vittorio said. She goes to Young’s Dairy with her family and friends to visit the farm animals and enjoy the seasonal festivities.

“I go every year with my family around Halloween time because we really like the seasonal things they have like the pumpkin patch,” she said, “I also go a lot with friends a couple other times during the summer to play putt-putt and just hang out.”

Vittorio’s favorite thing, like many others, at Young’s Dairy is The Dairy Store and its wide variety of ice cream flavors. The ice cream shop was added to the farm in 1968 and has been a big hit ever since.

“I love the ice cream and I really like that it’s all homemade,” Vittorio said. “The workers there are really kind to you and you really feel welcomed. They’re very helpful in suggesting what kind of ice cream to get.”

Along with The Dairy Store, Vittorio enjoys being able to pet the goats and see the baby animals. “I think feeding the goats is fun and it’s really cute seeing the little kids going around and getting excited about feeding them too.”

Vittorio sees value in being able to visit a working farm because in Kettering people don’t get to view that kind of lifestyle very often. “You don’t get to see animals or land like that in Kettering, so it’s nice to be able to go to Young’s Dairy and experience that kind of thing.”