Cheddar’s restaurant lives up to the expectations


Photo: Taylor Dillard

The outside of Cheddar’s

Cheddar’s is a new restaurant at The Cornerstone of Centerville development at the corner of Feedwire Road and Wilmington Pike. Previously, the closest location was in Cincinnati, as Cheddar’s is a Kentucky-based restaurant chain. Its debut in the Dayton area was welcomed with open arms. The restaurant held its grand opening on June 20. 

Upon walking into the restaurant, the environment seemed chaotic. The waiting area was overcrowded due to the fact that it was a Friday night and also because the waiting area seemed a tad too small for the size of the restaurant. The line was out the door and there was about a 40-minute wait. When I finally got seated, my order was taken within 10 minutes.

The interior of the restaurant was decorated with gigantic ceiling fans shaped like leaves and a large fish tank. It gave the restaurant a tropical feel.

The waiter came back with our food within 30 minutes of ordering. When the waiter left, I immediately dug in and I was mostly satisfied with my experience.

Baked Potato Soup: I ordered a cup of baked potato soup as a starter. I personally love potato soup and this cup did not disappoint. The potatoes were fully cooked and the soup was nice and creamy. It had a perfect amount of cheese and bacon on the top.

Grilled Salmon: For my entree, I ordered grilled salmon with mashed potatoes and mac & cheese. Salmon can be very hard to make, often times being served very dry, but I received mine and it was grilled to perfection on a bed of rice. It was juicy and it had a bit of a lemony flavor.

Mashed Potatoes: The mashed potatoes were amazing.They were really fluffy and buttery. They had potato skins and potato chunks in them. I loved them.

Mac & Cheese: I usually love mac & cheese, but I was really disappointed in this batch. It had a dull taste. It was made with shell noodles and personally, mac & cheese should not be made with shell noodles.

Overall, I would recommend going to this restaurant at least once because they do have amazing service and good food. I would rate my overall experience an 8/10.



Overall Environment: 8/10

Food: 7/10

Customer Service: 10/10

Overall Dining Experience: 7.5/10