DECA District Competition

Fairmont’s career tech programs, Marketing and Business Academy, are involved in an organization called DECA (previously known as Distributive Education Clubs of America). DECA prepares students for careers and education in marketing, finance, hospitality, management, and other business areas. Students have the options to write manuals, take tests, role play scenarios with judges, and make presentations over these topics. DECA is an international organization and can be found in other countries like Australia, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, and Turkey. Each state is divided into regions, districts, or areas. Fairmont students first compete at the district level and then the top students in their category advance to the state level. This past week, Fairmont DECA traveled to the district 4 competition. 33 of Fairmont’s marketing, business academy, sports marketing, and intro to business students placed at the district level. 28 of these students will be advancing to the state competition held in Columbus in March. Good luck to all students at their next competition!

Congratulations and good luck to the following students:

1st Place: Jack Seubert

3rd Place: Lauren Bollheimer

2nd Place:  Austin Wilson

2nd Place: Cameron Knopp

1st Place:  Lauren Penrod

1st Place: Drew Duckro

2nd Place: Maggie Aldridge

2nd Place: Lexi Davis

2nd Place:  Noble Byers

1st Place: Jake Kollars

1st Place: Austin Bishop & Gabe Fannin

4th:  Luci O’Neill & Dylan Crutchfield 

1st Place:  Brendan Fanjoy & Caleb Smith

2nd Place: Aidan Chromick & Wyatt Taylor

4th Place:  Brandon Hall and Dakota Gearhart

1st Place:  Ben Kelley & Cameron Luczka

1st Place: Jared Feltner & Nadji Guezouz

1st Place:  Reilly Corbett

2nd Place: Brody Mast

2nd Place:  Megan Burton

1st Place:  Abigail Decker

1st Place:  Ali Laywell

3rd Place:  Connor Rouse