Citizens rejoice and protest as Donald Trump is inaugurated into office


Photo: Ryan Bergstrom

Donald Trump’s Inauguration

It is stated in the 20th amendment of the Constitution that at 12:00 o’clock a.m. on January 20th after every presidential election, the newest president elect becomes the next president of the United States of America.

As of this most recent January 20th it has been made official  that Donald J. Trump is now the 45th president of the United states. It is widely known that many people have very different views on their opinions of Trump becoming the next president.

Riots have broken out throughout the whole country, and signs with the slogan “not my president” raid through the streets.

However, there are thousands upon millions of Trump supporters who are celebrating and rejoicing their victory. Many people are excited for the change that may or may not begin, while others are ready to pack their bags and result to the extreme of moving countries.

Trump supporters throughout the school are expressing their excitement by wearing shirts, hats and making signs to show their Trump pride.

Fairmont high school sophomore, Emmaline Meyer was asked about how she thought Trump would do as president. Being in a family of Republicans and Trump supporters she was very hopeful for the future of the next four years. “I think he will do very well and change America to the best of his ability,” she said.

Meyer is ready for Trump to start his process of change. If Trump were to be described in one word Meyer said serious. “I would describe him as serious. He is a very serious man with a very serious plan to make America change for the good,” she said.

Trumps inaugural speech was 17 minute long full of promises, hopes and dreams.

 “We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow,” he said.

Trump stated multiple times that patriotism was the solution for all of America’s problems. “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice,” he said

However not every citizen is as enthusiastic that Trump was sworn into office.

Sophomore, Mary Kancler has a more dreaded point of view on the matter. She feels fearful of what’s to come for her future. “Due to President Trump’s beliefs and actions that tend to oppose my own political views,” she said.  “I’m fearful of what Trump may do during his presidency.”

One thing that has been widely talked about since Trump’s inauguration has been whether or not to ban ObamaCare. Kancler and Meyer seemed to have completely different views on the matter.

When Meyer was asked what was one positive thing that she would thought would come from Trump’s presidency she simply said “He will get rid of ObamaCare”

Meanwhile Kancler is hoping that will be one thing that Trump will not go through on. “Trump’s plan to eliminate Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood terrifies me.” She said, “Without Obamacare, many people will be unable to afford health care, which could result in multiple deaths due to the fact those people cannot afford proper treatment.”

On the 20th riots broke out along the inauguration parade route. There was a reported 217 arrests that were made in just that one day, and over six police officers were injured.

So it should be no surprise that many of the students at Fairmont agree with ‘s Kanclers statements.

There are still multiple Trump supporters who are ready to see what Trump will do for the country.

Sophomore, Shelby Myers, feels that people just need to move on and accept Trump as our next president.

“I think he will do fine, if Americans did not think he would be able to handle the job he would not have won the election,” Myers said.

Even though there is so much controversy of accepting Trump as the next president and Trump supporters feeling attacked, Donald Trump is the next president and he is here to stay and here to change.
Trump said “Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams will define our American destiny. And your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way.”