Rising cost of college outrages students

Rising cost of college outrages students

With the cost of college rising in the United States, some students are contemplating applying to college in different countries.

Last year the cost of a private, nonprofit university in the United States averaged around $31,231. As the amount of Financial Aid people can receive goes up, so does college tuition cost. In Germany, most students get enough aid from the government to go to college, that they don’t pay anything out of pocket.

There are many pros and cons of going to college outside of your home country. In the United States, you have many chances to gain financial aid and grants from the government. In many other countries, the price they have set is the price you pay, no matter what.

Victor Colon, Fairmont counselor gave some insight on the topic.  “Not getting financial aid in other countries could be a set back, depending on how much money you can gain from aid,” he said.

Along with general tuition and room and board, the amount of other ‘things’ you need upon entering college is astounding.  Beavercreek High School graduate Maggie Jones, accounting student at The Ohio University, states that she spends a lot more money, than she would like to while being in college.

“Books are around $300 a month, food is like $50 a week and gas depends,” said Jones.

Many college students in the United States are drowning in debt and may be in debt for many years post graduation.  

“If I live at home it will probably take me about two years to pay off my debt. But if I move away somewhere else it will take closer to ten years.” said Jones.

Some students even take a year off of school to save for college. Sometimes getting a job and saving up money for a year can help counter the high costs of college life. 

2016 Centerville graduate Anne Guilbert is one of those students. “I just have really high goals and expectations in my life. I didn’t want to settle for something I did not really want to do. New York is where I belong,” she said.

A lot of students have great things to say about the college they go to. 2016  Alter graduate Adam Girmann, a PreMed student at Wright State University is a proud Raider student.  

“Wright State has a Medical School and really great programs,” he said. 

Everyone has their opinions on going to college in other countries, some are positive, but not all are. Embarking upon that journey can be a challenging and time consuming process. 

Sarah Schaefer, a student from Kentucky, studies education at Western Kentucky University. She said she would not study her entire four years overseas.

“The levels of educations and the degree may not be equivalent, so I would not study overseas for all four years to get my degree.” Schaefer said.

Girmann also states that he would not study in another country for all of his college career. “Wright State is actually a very cheap college, so it isn’t a big issue for me.”

Jones has a different view, she wants to save all the money that she can. 

“If I would have known that I could have saved money by going to college in another country, I would have.” Jones said.

Although many students do see the benefits of going to college somewhere other than in the United States, most love their University and wouldn’t want to change where they’re at.

Schaefer is very passionate about the school she goes to and loves the university lifestyle.

“Go to a University!! The experience may cost more but it is so worth it. Get involved in Greek Life, in Christian student fellowship, learn the community, and love it. Throw yourself in.” she said.

Girmann wanted to give advice to high school seniors and let them know about all of the experiences they’re about to go through once they graduate.

“Definitely go into college knowing it will be 10x more work than you ever expected it to be. It is very hard to bring up your GPA so do your best the entire time.” he said.

Colon suggests that taking a break can even save you some money.

“Don’t go into college broke. It will only put you into more debt. If anything, I tell students to take a semester off and work that semester. You may graduate in 5 years instead of 4 but that extra year is worth not being in as much debt. Work as much as you can and save as much as you can.” he said.

Girmann gets through his weeks in college by just staying positive and loving life.

“Don’t just look forward to the weekend. Enjoy the whole week even though it does suck. If you just hate the week you will be miserable after a while”