Opinions still heated as Trump inauguration approaches

Pro-Trump By Khrissa Bergman and Lyndsi Winfield

It is hard walking on eggshells trying not to offend anyone. People around Fairmont are saying worse things about us and Trump than he, himself, ever said about anyone. Don’t worry about Trump bringing hate to America because you all are doing a great job at being extremely hateful yourselves. Burning and stomping on the American flag is disrespectful to our Veterans, who fight day and night for your right to be free and your right to vote.

We are not racist, we are not anti-LGBTQ, and we are women; but because we are Trump supporters that automatically makes us an uneducated deplorable. If you’re someone who defines people simply by their political views or who they vote for you’re the hateful one. Don’t lose quality people in your life just because you choose hate over love. You should think twice before you talk about people you supposedly care about. Right now all that is going around is hate. The people showing the hate, are the ones who campaign to be against it.

Students continue to say that they are scared and worried. But, I don’t understand what they’re scared of. Everything bad is already happening. This is not a Trump problem, it is a people problem. Stop being scared, stop being worried, stop getting offended by everything. We are tired of living in a generation full of self entitled millennials, who throw a tantrum just because they did not get their way. Protests only work when human rights are being violated.  

How did this happen you might ask? You created “us” when you tried to take away our right to bear arms. You created “us” when you forced everyone to buy health coverage and then punished them when we couldn’t afford it. You created “us” when you attacked our way of life. You created us, the silent majority and we became fed up and pushed back.

We continue to hear arguments upon the idea of ‘pro life’. Trump stated “I am opposed to abortion except for rape, incest, and life of the mother.” Which gives proof to the fact that under certain circumstances, abortion will still be an option.  The right of abortion should not be used as a free birth control. Pro-choice is the way women are taking back the choices they made, by killing an unborn child. When you kill a pregnant women, it is considered a double homicide. So why is only killing one, not murder?

Trump is labeled as racist but why? Because he wants immigrants to come into the country legally? Trump NEVER said he was against immigration. He is “racist” because you twisted his words.

We are for Trump because it is about time that someone had the interest of America before other countries. We are for Trump because Obamacare has destroyed the lives of many families that we know and love. We are for Trump because we do not want mandated vaccines. We are for Trump because minimum wage should be up to the states.

Trump is someone new to the system. Have you ever thought maybe that’s what we need? The government is so corrupt that maybe, just maybe, he can get something done. He wouldn’t be the first T.V. star we had as a president.

We are not sorry that we will never be for a woman who let four Americans die overseas, never sent back up, and then LIED to their families about it. Clinton has committed many crimes against this country, she lied to cover up her husband’s name, tried to steal from the White House, and also vandalized it.

If these aren’t enough to prove our point, there are over 20 more infractions against her also. While she is trying to put high restrictions on America’s right to bear arms, she is having armed and deployed Americans killed. It does not surprise us, that this hypocritical liar is not going to be in office January 2017.

Just like there is no proof on illegal emails from Clinton, there is no proof that Donald Trump ever sexually assaulted a women. Please try again..

When first looking into politics, of course you will find reasons to be opposed. The internet focus’ towards destroying both candidates. Unless you actually do your research, you are oblivious to the truth. After all, ignorance is bliss.


Pro-Clinton By Charlotte Nieberding

I am incapable of understanding how Donald Trump is the “lesser of two evils”.  When spoken of in terms of the candidacy, it’s impossible for me to grasp. How is this man, a pretty mediocre businessman and reality TV show star, the best possible alternative for sitting at the head of America’s table?

What are Donald Trump’s plans to better the country other than building a wall and driving out minorities? Seriously, what is it he’s going to do that makes him presidential material? Despite everything that either candidate did in the past, only looking and plans and ideology, how is the Donald going to “make America great again”?

How is someone so racist, misogynistic and xenophobic the best alternative here?

No one really knows what a Trump presidency means. He’s never even dipped his toe into the pool of politics before. He’s diving headfirst from a ten foot tall diving board. Can he even swim? We can’t possibly know, that’s why it’s so utterly terrifying.

In addition, now that Trump is going to be our next president, he’s gone back on some of his previous declarations, some of the highest identifying qualities of his campaign.

Trump claimed he was going to replace ObamaCare with “something terrific.” What, exactly, is still unclear to this day. There was no well thought out, analyzed, comprehended explanation of what this “terrific” thing is. Whether or not ObamaCare is helpful or hurtful is outside of the fact. But, now, he’s conveniently said that he’s going to keep the positives and not completely repeal it. Doesn’t that just confirm that Trump has no idea what he’s talking about?  He had all these plans that were suddenly smudged away out of consideration; ObamaCare is no longer going to be completely repealed, nothing terrific is going to replace it.

There a number of other examples but they all vocalize the same idea, so I’ll hold back and listing each and every one. Moral of the story, Trump made a number of claims, majority of which he’s taken back. So, what then? If Trump is no longer repealing ObamaCare, illegalizing abortion, building the wall, or deporting over 11 million immigrants, what is he doing? Seriously, what is the Trump administration going to contribute to this nation, now that he’s gone back on his previous plans?

Trump hasn’t shown any understanding of what his own presidency entails. He gets in front of crowds of people and bashes marginalized communities. Does he know that his administration will be responsible for those people’s well-being? The Mexicans, the Muslims, the blacks, the gays, the handicapped, the women? Just because he claims to love and respect those people doesn’t mean anything. When has he done anything for the good of those people?

(Never, because previously mentioned, he wasn’t even politician until this election.)

If you look at the statistics, you’ll see that if only the ballots of people of color are considered, Clinton won every single state. The map is entirely blue. That makes it clear that people of color believe the Trump Presidency will be harmful towards them.  That makes a definite statement, if states were won by Trump through only one demographic. Trump, speaking generally of course, only appeals to a specific group of people.

A large number of those people are close-minded. Not at all do I wish to say all of Trump supporters are close-minded, just like not all Clinton supporters are open-minded. But Trump supporters, on multiple occasions, have driven fellow Trump supporters out of ralleys, because of the colors of their skin. Those people see a racial minority and immediately assume them to be an outsider; deem them not welcome.

Those people are so focused on their fear of anyone differing from them, in both appearance and in beliefs, that they are unable to unify and diversify.

This is, of course, a generalization. But, it’s hard not to generalize when the crowd celebrating Trump’s victory is entirely white and majorly male, in the photos released after the announcement of his victory.

While not all Trump supporters are bigots, they voted for someone who is. They put themselves behind a man who is known for spitting out ignorance, and say he’s “Refreshing!” and simply “Says what he thinks without shame!”

Does America really want a man who doesn’t know how to think before he speaks as its president? Whose only excuse for hateful remarks is just denying their existence, sweeping them under the rug with lame declarations such as, “No one respects women more than me!” and “I love hispanics!” (Of course, the latter remark is only in reference to a well-made taco bowl.)

It’s funny how all of these things are said after he’s spewed something hateful, in a sort of half-hearted cover up. Trump doesn’t know how to compensate for hurtful things he’s said, he just pretends nothing has happened, pretends that he didn’t really mean what he said. Trump speaks with a third-grader’s literacy. That’s not just a jibe, by the way, it’s a proven fact. He has no idea how to articulate or apologize–he can’t.

Trump supporters claim that we, I assume they mean liberals, have created them. By trying to rip them from their ways of life, supposedly. How are we attacking your way of life? No, really? All we have asked is to be treated equally, for the white, heterosexual, christian, man to be lowered from his undeniable privilege and for us to be his equal. You are simply threatened that we are no longer so overwhelmingly below you, that we are no longer letting us walk over us. We ask for simple human empathy.

But that seems to be just too much.