Ohio State stabbing just one of many recent violent acts


Photo: Google Images - Ibgali

Police on the scene of the OSU stabbing.


Active shooters, stabbings, and driving trucks into crowds of people seem to be an everyday occurrence as we bring in the new year. While many events tend to be far away or irrelevant to most peoples everyday lives, these acts of violence are beginning to hit close to home. These incidents are beginning to take on some similarities, but what is the real motive behind them?

On the morning of Monday November 28th, The Ohio State University was  disrupted when an engaging vehicle struck a group of Ohio State students on the Columbus campus. Many around believed this incident was just an ordinary accident. That was until the suspect, later identified as Abdul Razak, exited his car, noted as a silver Honda, and began attempt to stab students with a butcher knife.

At approximately 9:55 am, a campus wide alert went out with the directions to “run hide fight.” Many weren’t aware of what was happening especially when many were posting on social media that this was a “gun” matter. The Ohio State Emergency Management also tweeted that there was an active shooter on campus. In 2015, around 23 college campuses had shootings. Gun shootings are more typical than stabbings, so when this report broke out, assumptions came it had to deal with gun violence.

Eleven people were injured, six were hit by the car and five were injured with cuts or stab wounds. Fortunately enough, only one life was lost that day. That life being the suspect.

Razak, born in Somalia, was a legal US resident. He was in his first year at OSU after transferring from Columbus State Community College. In 2015, Razak graduated Cum Laude and even made the Dean’s List. Although no one knows exactly why this occurred, many speculate that it had something to do with immigrant related terrorism. Shortly before the attack, the suspect  had made a Facebook status regarding how he was tired of the immigrants being treated so badly. It’s possible that his accusations provoked him to do something that he thought would help, which obviously didn’t. This is all still under investigation.

Within minutes of the attack, Alan Hurujko, an officer for the university police department, shot down Razak. Hurujko graduated from Fairfield High School and was an alumni from OSU. He’s been a part of police department since early 2015. Hurujko is now being praised as a hero.

With recent shootings at airports, universities, malls, nightclubs, and movie theaters, the violence in our country continues to grow.

Days ago, a man opened fire in The Fort Lauderdale airport, killing 5 innocent travelers.  Just yesterday, a truck killed 4 and injured at least a dozen people in Jerusalem.  On New Years Eve, a hate crime occurred in the beating of a young male, charging 4 people, after broadcasting their actions on social media.  Also, 39 people were killed at a nightclub in Istanbul by a lone gunman.

The ideas of terrorism, racism, and hate crimes are filling the headlines of every media outlet. Many people question whether any location is safe at this point.