Firebird Bucks: Safe, Respectful, Responsible, Kind


Photo: Preston Collins

The box where students turn in their Firebird Bucks.

A new and exciting reward system has popped up in the halls of Fairmont. That system is entitled ‘Firebird Bucks’ and involves all of the students and staff. This new program focuses on positive behavior. 

The idea was established by Corey Miller, the activities director at FHS. Junior Chairmen of Firebird Bucks, Theodore Hale, oversees the program and is allowed to give one buck a week to students.

“After I graduate, I’ll get to select my successor and hand over the keys,” Hale said.

Firebird Bucks are given out to students when a teacher sees them being safe, respectful, responsible, or kind. A student can earn an unlimited amount of Firebird Bucks as well.

Hale would like to see some more enthusiasm from teachers about Firebird Bucks though in order to enhance their value at Fairmont. He thinks Respect is the most rewarding category for a student to earn a Firebird Buck in. 

When a student receives a Firebird Buck, they write their name on it and place it in the designated box outside the activities office. If a student’s buck is drawn, they receive a special prize as a reward for their positive behavior.

“The prizes are five dollar gift certificates,” Hale said. “I believe there’s Chipotle, McDonald’s, Kroger, Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, and Steak and Shake.”

This new program is a great way to encourage and recognize positive behavior in the halls at Fairmont High School.