Officer Drayton making his mark at Fairmont High School


Photo: Hailey Rowe

Resource Officer at Fairmont High School, Edward Drayton.

Twenty one years ago, Edward Drayton knew he wanted to pursue a career in the police force. His urge to become a police officer began when he realized that he wanted to help his community.

“Nobody has a perfect life. Nobody’s family is perfect,” Drayton said. “I didn’t have a perfect family, so I wanted to help other people who are in stress and that have family issues.”  

His career began when he attended the military school, Citadel, in South Carolina. He studied at Citadel for four years, graduating in 1995. In his first month out of college, he landed his first job in the police force, which was at a sheriff’s office in Columbia, South Carolina.

Drayton later moved to Virginia with his wife who worked in broadcasting. They wanted to be closer to their families so eventually, they made the permanent move to Dayton.

Luckily, his position was transferred to Dayton as he moved. A little over a year ago, he was offered the position of a school resource officer(SRO) and he temporarily became an SRO for multiple schools in January of 2016.

These schools included Van Buren Middle School, The Dayton Regional STEM School, and Archbishop Alter High School. He had also been working at Fairmont, but not permanently.

He took the official job at Fairmont in August.

“To work permanently here was a very good idea,” Drayton said. “There’s so many students here to start off with, mostly kids who are starting to reach that adulthood age but you can still make a difference in their lives and be a good role model.”

At Fairmont, Officer Drayton loves to interact with the students. He often spends 5th period going around to tables at lunch and talking to students.

Drayton’s favorite thing about being a School Resource Officer is interacting with the students and getting to know them.

One thing that Drayton does to connect with students is take notes. When he goes around to the lunch tables, he writes down things that help him remember the students. “All I’m trying to do is put names and faces together,” he said.

Granted, this is Drayton’s first year as the SRO for Fairmont, but he hopes that students can take a liking to him and not be intimidated.

Drayton hopes that he will eventually just become one with the Fairmont community. “To be able to be on a personal level with somebody. That’s the most important thing,” he said.

Drayton also wants students to know that he is here to help. “I’m here to be a counselor, mentor, and a role model. There’s a lot more to it than being a police officer,” he said.