November Student of the Month: Maia Schulz


Congratulations to Maia Schulz, the Flyer Student of the Month for November. She is a member of varsity softball, the soccer team and Spanish Honor Society. She pushes herself by being in advanced classes. “I think if a student has a strong interest in a certain study, that they should pursue these classes to further their learning as much as possible,” Schulz said. She is undecided on what 4-year university to go. She wants to continue to study Spanish because she hopes to pursue a career in it. “My future drives me to do well. I’m too eager to succeed in life after high school and see where hard work takes me,” Schulz said. Being a senior, she advises her peers to not take high school for granted. She urges students to involve themselves and remember that it is your future. She also wants students to tell their teachers that they appreciate them.

What grade are you in? Senior

What is your GPA? 3.8

What is your favorite subject? Spanish

What is your goal for this school year? My goal is to maintain good attendance, a high GPA, and cherish the last of my high school career.   

Congratulations Maia and keep up the hard work!