Kettering Recreation Complex strives for high level visitor experience

The Kettering Recreation Complex, commonly referred to as the Rec or even the KRC, provides communities with a surplus of interacting and interesting activities. This year, they hope to continue involving people in new and intriguing programs like they’ve done for the past 44 years.

Jim Engelhardt has worked for the city of Kettering for fifteen years. As the Division Manager of Recreation, he oversees a lot of the operations for the KRC and the other facilities of Kettering.

Kettering Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts manages nine different facilities and twenty-one parks so Kettering citizens can find numerous opportunities to explore different activities. “We manage thousands of programs a year,” Engelhardt said

The variety of activities are aimed to reach everyone in the community. “We offer programs for children, teenagers, families, adults, senior adults, everybody,” he said.

“We try to provide fun programs that meet a diverse range of interest,” Engelhardt said. Programs vary from finger painting to soccer.

In addition to these programs, the KRC provides camps that extend deeper into certain activities. “We offer a plethora of different camps; from sport camps,” Engelhardt said, “art camps, and even environmental education camps.”

Julie Prior and Debbie Roepken work as clerks for the front desk of the main building. Both of them provide visitors with information about the KRC and assist in getting visitors involved in programs.

“In the summer, we have at least 60 camps,” Prior said. “We have so many different activities; there’s something for everybody. You can do martial arts, play basketball, go swimming, or even skating.”

Roepken wants to emphasize what a great thing this is for our community. “This place is so expansive and so nice and it’s ran by our city. The best part is that anybody can use it,” she said.

Although succeeding in getting people involved they continue to strive to create the best experience possible for their visitors. “We want to give a positive experience and we want to provide visitors with high level staff interaction and safe and clean facilities,” Engelhardt said. “We attempt to maintain a high standard of commitment to excellence.”