Freddy’s doesn’t meet high steak expectations


Photo: Aly Whitman

The Freddy’s steakburger combo is quickly becoming a customer favorite at the new location.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers is a new name around the area. Previously, the closest location was 40 minutes away in Cincinnati. The grand opening for the Wilmington Pike restaurant was held on August 30th.

When walking into Freddy’s, the environment may be overwhelming. It’s a little chaotic, but Freddy’s still attracts customers.There is limited seating and it is very loud inside. The restaurant is generally busy and there is typically a rather long line to order. 

Freddy’s offers similar menu items as the popular Steak ‘n Shake chain. There are options such as classic steakburgers, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches. Customers are also offered a choice of a veggie burger, which Steak ‘n Shake does not have. Side items to their main meal options include french fries, onion rings, or chili.

Although the menu options are similar to Steak ‘n Shake, the prices are not. A combo, which includes fries and a drink, costs between $6-9. Whereas at Steak ‘n Shake, the exact same combo costs between $3-5.

I ordered the original steakburger combo with bacon. I received my food pretty quickly after ordering. The hamburger bun was a bit greasy, but the plate was loaded with french fries. The hamburger did come with bacon on it, but there were only two small, flimsy little pieces of it.

When I took my first bite, I wasn’t impressed. The burger was dry and flavorless. The french fries were tiny. To go along with the fries, Freddy’s has a signature ‘fry sauce’ which tasted sweet and was very good. The fries were my favorite item at Freddy’s, even though they tasted very similar to Steak ‘n Shake fries. The fry seasoning is a famous Freddy’s recipe and it’s used on their burgers as well.

When it was time for dessert, a variety of options were available. There are different flavors and toppings for custard, concrete, and sundaes. Some of the flavors include their signature turtle, dirt n’ worms, Hawaiian delight, and chocolate brownie delight. The prices are a little on the expensive side and not really worth it in my opinion.

I ordered the Dirt n’ Worms ice cream. Dirt n’ Worms is made of Oreo’s and gummy worms on top of vanilla ice cream. When I ordered my ice cream, I expected there to be a lot of toppings. However, I was slightly disappointed. There were not many toppings on the ice cream and it tasted mediocre at best. 

While the food didn’t quite reach my expectations, Freddy’s employees were fantastic. The whole time I was dining in, there were workers walking around the restaurant cleaning tables and taking people’s trash. They were helpful and kind to the customers and went above and beyond in the customer service category.


Overall Environment: 7.5/10

Food: 6.5/10

Customer Service: 9/10

Overall Dining Experience: 7/10

The diner may have sweet tasting fry sauce and the employees may be friendly, but I would not recommend eating at this restaurant.