New members inducted into Quill and Scroll Honor Society


Photo: Jeff Allen

The 2016 inductees of Quill and Scroll form a semi-circle and recite the pledge to officially join the honor society.

Quill and Scroll, the International Honor Society for High School Journalists focuses on the fundamental aspects of journalism. Truth, learning, leadership, integrity, and friendship are all important parts of of being an honorable journalist and member.

To be inducted into Quill and Scroll is a special honor because only so many students are eligible to be considered for the induction. Students must be in the top 1/3 of their class academically and chosen by their adviser. They must show excellent work on their school publication and excel in all aspect of journalism.

Jessica Stickel, adviser for the Firebird Yearbook, is heavily involved in Quill and Scroll. “Being a part of Quill and Scroll is not just an honor, but a privilege,” she said.

Stickel was inducted into the honor society when she was a sophomore in 1998. Once a student is inducted, they are a lifetime member of Quill and Scroll. Although after high school, she wasn’t involved as much until she became the yearbook adviser in 2006.

“Our chapter is just the reward for a job well done,” she said.

To the advisers, it’s an interesting organization because it’s just an honor at our school. It’s exciting each year when her and Flyer adviser, Lacy Drake, get to pick the cream of the crop as to who’s inducted.

Senior, Mallory Waker who has been on the Firebird Yearbook staff for three years, was inducted into Quill and Scroll at the end of her sophomore year.

“Quill and Scroll is such a big honor to me,” she said. It means a lot to her to be a part of the national honor society for the Firebird Yearbook. “I take a lot of pride in being on the Firebird Yearbook staff,” she said.

11 students were inducted into Quill and Scroll this year, both from The Flyer and the Firebird Yearbook staffs.

The following students were inducted from The Flyer:

  • Michael Kelley
  • Sammy Lowe
  • Preston Collins
  • Noah Landis

The following students were inducted from the Firebird Yearbook:

  • Maddie Dooley Rhoads
  • Lily Knoop
  • Madison McKay Bradds
  • Zakia Shermadou
  • Catlin Wilkinson
  • Hailey Willis
  • Kortney Young