After 12 years of school, the seniors go back to the beginning


Photo: Kayla Martens

Senior Caitlyn Black reads a childrens story to her English class, taught by Julie Wallner.

Seniors have been grinding through school, dedicating a lot of time and effort to their high school careers. Senior year is said to be a breeze, but many FHS students would beg to differ. With challenging courses, numerous extracurricular activities and clubs, along with jobs and other commitments, the class of 2016 was due for some down time.  Their last week at Fairmont allows them to go back to their early years of education, starting with kindergarten.

‘Kindergarten Week’ goes way back in Fairmont’s history. Each year, seniors look forward to this special week that continues to be passed down from the classes preceding them.

“It predates me,” said Julie Wallner, an English teacher of 16 years. “I inherited the idea from Penny Meyer, a teacher who taught here for 40 years.”

Kindergarten week is the seniors last chance to sit back and enjoy school. According to Wallner, it helps transition them out of the school and make them feel positive about education again. The week brings a child-like environment back to the young adults who are getting ready to enter college or the workplace.

Kindergarten week is full of fun activities to ease seniors and their stress load. Banquets, award ceremonies, final exams, AP tests, and graduation are just a few things that breed stress in the graduating seniors mind.

“It really lets them relax,” said senior Ben Fisher. 

Seniors spend their days doing activities like finger painting, story time, nap time, and enjoying a day dedicated to going outside and drawing with sidewalk chalk, according to Fisher who experienced it first-hand this year.

Most of the these activities take place under supervision of English teachers. Other subjects like Math and Science continue with their curriculum according to most seniors.

“Pretty much every other class is the same. It is more of an English department thing,” Fisher said.

As seniors finished their last week of high school, it was good to go back to where it all started. After 12 years of school, they deserved it. While it is not as popular as senior prank day, many students and teachers look forward to it and remember the week for years to come.  

“It reconnects them with their love of reading and other activities and how much fun school was,” said Wallner.


The class of 2016 is set to graduate this Thursday, May 19th, 2016 at The Nutter Center. Commencement begins at 7 p.m.