A lot of thought and planning goes into choosing themes for dances


Photo: Illustration by Preston Collins

The diversity of dance themes over the years at Fairmont High School.

Throughout all of the events that occur during high school, prom is usually the one that people take the most memories from. Although the main reason of prom is to give students an opportunity to look fancy and enjoy themselves, the theme of the dance adds to the atmosphere and makes the dance more enjoyable.

The attendees of the dance may not remember the theme after a few years, but much thought and planning goes into the theme for each dance. Amber Brewer, prom adviser, supervises all prom related activities and projects.

“Prom planning and brainstorming starts in January,” Brewer said, “But we really don’t start the main planning of decorations until March.”

Even with the early planning, actual decorations don’t get put up until the day before and the day of the dance by class council members.

The majority of the ideas and planning comes from Junior Class Council.

“Junior Class Council will narrow it down to the top 3 and then we send those out for the Seniors to vote on,” Brewer said. When it is determined which theme received the most votes, prom planning and brainstorming goes into full throttle.

With the addition of Trent Arena into the Kettering community, the prom experience has been enhanced for the past ten years. The high rafters and ample wall space provide the perfect area to go above and beyond in terms of decorating. Bold decorations have no doubt been present at many dances.

The 2014 prom featured a 17-foot Eiffel tower that certainly added to the “Midnight in Paris” theme. Even a Ginetta sports car, which is a British car brand, was able to be placed in the lobby of Trent arena for the 2016 prom. The car posed as a “spy looking” prop which fit into the James Bond style theme, “007 Diamonds are Forever.”

These large scale props have begun to serve as precedents for many more outrageous decorations. The many more proms to come may easily beat previous dances in terms of decorating. Despite the changing of themes and ideas for decorating the Trent, the one thing that will stay the same for years to come is allowing students to have a memorable night during their time in highschool.