May Artist of the Month: Kaleb Murdock


Photo: Brittany Peckham

May’s artist is Kaleb Murdock, a Fairmont senior. His great photography and design skills have made him stand out.

Although having an ability to make mosaics look realistic or being able to shade with a pencil may not be characteristics of a photographer, these real life art experts still need talent. Today’s photographers definitely prove that their work is no less artistic than Picasso’s by demonstrating their skills and interpretation of the world.

Here at Fairmont, there are many classes that are centralized around art. There is music, ceramics, and those regular art classes but on top of all that, Art Photo is becoming quite a strong choice for aspiring photographers. Fairmont senior, Kaleb Murdock, was in Art Photo I and has been taking photos since he was fourteen years old. This class has certainly allowed him to explore all the different realms and meanings of photography.

“To me, art is an expression,” Murdock said. “I just think it’s wonderful that there are so many art forms which means that there are so many ways to express yourself.”

Art can be interpreted in many different ways depending on what the piece displays. Photography though, is only real world objects and locations so it is able to communicate on a real life basis. Inspiration is the key to all amazing works of art so when it comes to what you get inspired by, having many sources will benefit the outcome of your piece.

“I get inspired by a lot of different things, mainly music or pop culture,” he said, “when I see something that I really like though, I want to recreate it with my own personal spin.”

Besides photography, Murdock also designs clothing and has submitted some of his ideas to colleges. “I don’t do much design right now, but I was doing a lot towards the beginning of the school year for my college portfolio,” he said.

Fashion designing can be very intricate in order to be sure that everything looks the way that the designer imagined it. He made two spring looks and two fall looks which got him accepted into college.

Despite fulfilling his dreams, he still has many hobbies outside of photography. “I listen to music and I also like to go on the internet and explore different types of art,” Murdock said.  

To many artists, when analyzing art, it is critical to not think poorly of the works that are compared just because they are different. Art is just sometimes too abstract to judge.

“I don’t believe in comparing yourself to somebody else’s art because you have to be your own person,” he said. “I do think that there is a level of respect that you need to have for the classic artists as well that paved the way for modern day artists.”

Time and time again, people are told that practice makes perfect and bringing one’s ingenuity to life through art is a prime example of this adage.

“Just keep doing it,” Murdock said. “You can never get better at something that you don’t do constantly.” It may seem like the time put into a project could be spent on something else but, “if you really love it, it won’t feel like a chore.”


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