March Athlete of the Month – Theodore Hale


Photo: Ryan Bergstrom

Fairmont Student-Athlete Theodore Hale wears his Special Olympics medals proudly.

Theodore Hale won two gold medals for swimming in the Special Olympics and he has been competing for eight straight years. Upon receiving a letter asking him to join in 3rd grade, Hale saw immediate success and continues to succeed in all sports that he participates in. Along with swimming the 25 meter breaststroke for the swim team, he also participates in both Track and Field and Bowling. Hale enjoys being a part of a team and hanging out with his teammates. He also noted that the swim meets and team food are his favorite parts.

Due to his outstanding athletic accomplishments, Hale is the perfect choice for March’s Student of the Month. He represents Fairmont in a positive way and is a great example of what a Firebird Student-Athlete should stand for. Hale is very proud of his athletic accomplishments but was also very quick to add in that, “I really love school and homework.” Whether you know Hale or not, you can spot him in the halls smiling and chatting with his peers and teachers or maybe catch him out in the community riding his bike.

Name: Theodore Hale

Grade: 10th

Recommended by: Mr. Andrew White, Central Unit Principal 

Favorite part about Fairmont: Mrs. Quinlan and Mrs. Morrissey

Favorite Class: “My favorite class is English with Mrs. Quinlan,” Hale said. 

Best Friend: Jalen Carter

Likes to do at Home: “I like to go bike riding and bus hunting,” Hale said. 

Favorite Sports: Basketball

Lives with: Dad, Mom, and Brother

Pets: Four Cats

Favorite Animal: Inland Taipan

Favorite Food: Soda and Shrimp Cocktail