February Student of the Month: Bailey Selwitschka


Photo: Drew Fannin

Junior Bailey Selwitschka has been chosen as Student of the Month for his hard work and excelling in IB courses. (Graphic by Brittany Peckham)

This month, one student in particular has gone above and beyond to get positive results in the classroom. Junior Bailey Selwitschka has been a hard worker in school throughout his entire educational career and has had a stellar academic performance this year.  Nominated by several teachers, Selwitschka earned this recognition through his commitment to academic excellence. 

After high school, Selwitschka plans on going to the college of his choice and to graduate with a high GPA. He is confident in his plans because of his improved work ethic and support system. “I haven’t always been a successful student, and I believe it’s my teachers and the people around me that push me to do better.”

High school isn’t as easy as many think and being able to maintain a high GPA while tackling a rigorous class schedule can be difficult. Selwitschka has a job outside of school as well, which can add to the stress of maintaining grades. “All of my free time is mostly spent on school,” he said. “I want to be able to get somewhere in life.”

Selwitschka’s determination and focus on the process towards his future career are why he will be successful. Between juggling work and school, he has also stressed the importance of having good grades and test scores, as it highly determines a students’ future nowadays. The college application process along with finding a career path are both highly competitive areas. Students must strive to set themselves apart from the mainstream crowd. “If you really want to get by in life you have you obtain a good education,” Selwitschka said.

On top of his stellar academic performance, he also hopes to achieve the highest of honors in his graduating class this spring. “I would like to be valedictorian,” he said.

Selwitschka has taken high school very seriously and the payoff is substantial. While the future can be a scary thing for high school students, preparation and commitment can ease those nerves. “I’m not for certain what I am doing after high school, but I know that the hard work will be worth it.”


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