November Artist of the Month: Keress Weidner


Photo: Brittany Peckham

Sophomore Keress Weidner has been selected due to her artistic skills that convey meaningful messages.

November’s Artist of the Month, Keress Weidner, has been selected for having her artwork displayed at local business and expressing her self-taught ability positively.

Weidner is currently a sophomore at Fairmont and takes great pride in her artistic ability. She started drawing when she was four years old and ever since, art has been an immense part of her life. Her initial not-so-masterpieces as a child were just random things that she drew. After many years of practice, she has been able to display her artwork at Eclipse Coffee and Tea, a local coffee shop here in Kettering. Four of her paintings that are a part of a set called “Juxtaposition” are on public display at the local coffee shop and are for sale.

She feels that a strong painting is one that has a message that can’t be disputed. Messages usually depicted within her art are truth, how one should think, and ideas behind life. Her work sets her apart from other artists’ due to her mixing of different styles.  

She enjoys sharing her artwork with a creative social community known as DeviantArt. The site allows artists and writers to upload their work to get opinions and appreciation.

Although painting is her preferred kind of art, she also does digital and pencil work. Her preferred style of art is semi realistic.

“Semi realistic art is art that looks real enough that you can recognize it but not real enough to be seen in the actual world,Weidner said.

Although Weidner has mainly learned on her own, she has taken some classes and courses to help her out with her work. She is currently taking the Art II elective with art teacher Amy Powell and has participated in a surrealism class and a portfolio development class at K-12 academy. Outside of being an artist, she also knits, writes, and plays viola in her free time.  

It can take awhile to feel confident in your work. Weidner offered up some words of wisdom to anybody seeking advice on enriching their artistic skills. 

“Fill up as many sketch books as you can, because you’re only as good as your last drawing,” she said. 


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