October Student of the Month: Colin Gohman


Photo: Preston Collins

This month’s Student of the Month is Colin Gohman, being recognized for his hard work and motivation to succeed.

Many students at Fairmont have an above average ability to maintain good grades as well as participate in extracurricular activities. These students work very hard to accomplish their goals in order to be successful in life and to enjoy the job they worked so hard to get.

A particular junior here at Fairmont, Colin Gohman, is one of those students who excels academically. He is in multiple AP and IB classes as well as the marching band. Having an extremely difficult course load, Gohman takes school very seriously and is proud of his accomplishments.

Maintaining such stellar grades can cause students to have very high standards for themselves. Failing to meet those standards can affect the student in many ways. Gohman feels that he would take the situation as a way to learn from his mistakes.

“I would treat it as a positive experience and just think about what I could do differently to improve it,” he said.

Although Gohman has quite a busy schedule between his classes and being center snare in the marching band, he makes time for other things while keeping his schoolwork a top priority. He strives to keep his classes and workload prioritized. 

“I try studying things I’m not as strong at longer than other subjects which in the end saves me a lot of time,” he said.

Gohman has been a successful student throughout all of his school years. It is not always clear when that hard work and dedication will pay off for some students. Many don’t see the rewards until well after college.

“I believe some of the hard work has paid off already,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of opportunities and it will especially pay off when I start applying to colleges.”

Gohman plans on studying Aerospace Engineering at Ross Holman University. He and his teachers believe that all the hard work will definitely pay off for him in great amounts. “I think the biggest payoff will be when I get out of college and get my dream job,” he said.


For more information on nominating students for next month, please contact Lacy Drake in room 121 or 139, East unit. Submission forms will be sent out when necessary.