October Artist of the Month: Dylan Flaute


Photo: Brittany Peckham

October’s Artist of the Month is Dylan Flaute, a Fairmont senior recognized for his oil paintings and drawings.

October’s Artist of the Month, Dylan Flaute, has been selected for having his artwork displayed in the main lobby and for expressing his self-taught ability. 

Flaute is currently a senior at Fairmont and takes great pride in his artistic ability. He started drawing around the fourth or fifth grade and ever since, art has been a major part of his life. After many years of practice, Flaute has been able to display his artwork for others to see.

He feels that a strong painting is one that shows different messages in the piece.  Some messages connoted through art are emotions, how one should think, and ideas behind life. His work sets him apart from other artists’ work due to capturing realism and emotion. Flaute is inspired by the works of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and other famous artists.

Although painting is his preferred type of art, Flaute also does some pencil work and sketches. “My favorite style of art is early impressionism work due to it showing a good way of breaking down reality,” he said.

Although for the most part self-taught, he has taken some classes and courses to help him out with his work. Flaute is currently taking his second year of the IB Art elective with Art teacher Susan Bennett at Fairmont. He enjoys spending his free time doing what any artist would be expected doing; drawing and painting.

For more information on nominating students for next month, please contact Lacy Drake in room 121 or 139, East unit. Submission forms will be sent out each month.