Fairmont’s new principal sees great improvements for the 2015-16 school year


Along with many new changes at Fairmont, there is also a new principal bringing changes to the table. Previous South Unit Principal, Tyler Alexander, has now taken over the position as head principal, due to Dan VonHandorf moving to the Board of Education.

VonHandorf is the new Director of Student Services for Kettering City Schools. He now oversees many aspects of the district including nurses, counselors, and residency issues. Even though he is very busy, he has continued to mentor Alexander in his new position.

“I love Kettering, and this was a position that became available within a district that I’ve loved working in,” Alexander said.

Alexander has been working at Fairmont High School as the South Unit principal for six years and the board felt he deserved the important position. “I always knew I’d be interested in administration,” he said.

Alexander’s previous and current main office secretary agrees with the decision. “He knows what is going on, he solves any problems, and he is very hands on as a principal,” said Cindy Youngerman. She feels that due to his ability to run an office smoothly, the additions to this year’s agenda should come as second nature.

A main focus of the Kettering City School District is the implementation of technology. Every student at Fairmont has been given the opportunity to carry a Chromebook with them at all times to use in and out of class for school-related work. The Fairmont staff agrees that the usage of Chromebooks and technology should be persistent in order to better prepare students for the future.

“Whether I was in this chair this year or not, technology was coming,” said Alexander. “I believe Chromebooks are an unbelievable resource.” Although the new Chromebooks have caused some problems, Alexander feels very fortunate for the opportunity to be the building principal at Fairmont.


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