It’s a wrap: Hot Head meats (meets) the expectations of first-time burrito experience


Photo: Brittany Peckham

HotHead has won the “Battle of Burritos” and my heart as well.

In today’s world, fast (yet tasty) food is a plus, especially if it’s a tortilla filled with deliciousness. Never visiting a Mexican grill (don’t grill me about it), I decided to do a taste test and review three nearby restaurants; HotHead, Chipotle, and Qdoba.

I tried to keep most of the ingredients the same, so each restaurant had an equal chance at winning my heart. I went with barbacoa for the meat, white rice, pinto beans, corn, sour cream, and cheese. The three restaurants were judged on their atmosphere, taste, and the arrangement of the burrito itself.


Hot Head Burritos

When I first entered Hot Head, I noticed the modern style of the restaurant and the large, descriptive menus. Walking up to place my order, I was greeted by a friendly staff member and a quick and easy line to go through. The restaurant atmosphere was clean and appealing to the eye. Taking my first bite, the saucy goodness of the well put together burrito was very delicious and I could taste each layer. Hot Head’s Sweet Habanero sauce is to die for, with it’s sweet, yet tangy flavor. The burrito was built nicely, except for it busting midway into dining due to it being overstuffed. Overall, it tasted great for a decent price.

Restaurant Atmosphere:        8.5/10

Taste:                                        10/10

Burrito Arrangement:              7/10



          Visiting Chipotle for the first time, I was pleased with the layout of the restaurant, decor, and overall atmosphere. The taste of the burrito was excellent except for the spiciness of the barbacoa, but other than that it was flavorful. Biting into the massive wrap, I noticed the burrito was constructed well, as I could taste the rice, meat and corn all in one tasty bite. I’m a guy who’s fond of saucy food, so I wish that Chipotle had a little more of a variety.

Restaurant Atmosphere:           6/10

Taste:                                          7/10

Burrito Arrangement:              8/10



          Walking into Qdoba, I instantly got the feeling that I was in a Mexican style cafe from the decor. The restaurant was clean, neat and very organized. When ordering, the staff was friendly and took my order in a fast, timely manner. After ordering, the employee preparing my burrito noticed that it had burst open, so they offered to double wrap it. I could taste all of the delicious ingredients because it was layered so delicately when I chowed down. The queso was very good and topped off the whole thing.

Restaurant Atmosphere:       8/10

Taste:                                   7.5/10

Burrito Arrangement:          9/10


          After getting to taste all three Mexican-grill places, I came to the conclusion that Hot Head is my new-found favorite. Hot Head was the best in my opinion due to having tender meat and a large variety of sauce, veggies, and other add-ons to choose from. The Sweet Habanero sauce is what sealed the deal for me because it added that extra relish of flavor and helped balance it out. The restaurant was clean with very modern decor, similar to many of today’s local competitors. If you want to order a burrito with great, bold flavor for a decent price, Hot Head is the way to go.


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