‘The Flyer’ reloads for 2015-16 with new student leaders … and a new adviser


Photo: Cheyenne Hutsell

Retiring Flyer Adviser Janie Ross and new Adviser Lacy Romine plan for the transition with Editor-in-Chief Dalton Smith, Chief Photographer Emily Latham and Editor-in-Chief Brittany Peckham during the last week of school. Romine was on “The Flyer” staff with Ross as her adviser when she was a student at Fairmont.

As The Flyer’s 2015-16 year approaches rather quickly, Fairmont’s online newsmagazine is presenting two new editors-in-chief, one new chief photographer, and surprisingly, one new adviser.

Janie Ross, The Flyer adviser, announced in May that she is retiring after 16 years. This news surprised the returning staff — and Ross herself a bit.

“I had figured I’d teach at least one more year,” Ross said. “But my husband is five years older than I am and he’s anxious to start traveling. One evening in late April, he turned to me and said, ‘Why don’t you make this your last year?’”

Exiting with Ross are Editor-in-Chief Sam Barton and Chief Photographer Lily Condron, as both are graduating. Editor-in-Chief Jake Shook is also leaving the program after two years because of a scheduling conflict with his Digital Design career tech class.

But Ross reminded her staff that change is constant in any high school program, and The Flyer has reloaded with a new “front table.”

The new editors-in-chief are Dalton Smith and Brittany Peckham, who will be juniors in the fall, and the new chief photographer is Emily Latham, who is entering her senior year. The new Flyer adviser is Lacy Romine, an English teacher in East Unit and the Girls’ Varsity Basketball coach.

Romine, who graduated from Fairmont in 2006, is psyched to take over the reins of Fairmont’s newsmagazine.

“I was on The Flyer as a student, and taking over for Mrs. Ross is a big challenge, but I’m very excited about it,” Romine said.

She also emphasized how pumped she is about next year’s staff.

“I feel very blessed to be taking over such a great staff,” she said. “I can’t wait to start working with The Flyer team. Mrs. Ross has assembled a great group for next year.”

Smith, who was the first freshman ever to join The Flyer staff, said he also feels pretty good about how the 2015-16 Flyer staff is shaping up.

“We’ve got a lot of good returning people, and I like taking on the editor-in-chief role and having the challenge of a new adviser,” he said. “We’re going to have a bigger staff, and it should be fun to have a little bit of change.”

Ross said she’s thrilled with the decision to have Romine, her former student and current colleague, follow her as Flyer adviser.

The Flyer has been my baby, so naturally I want the program to be in good hands,” she said. “I have great confidence that Ms. Romine is going to do a wonderful job keeping the staff on task. If she can coach a basketball team, she can coach The Flyer team.”

And teamwork is something that Ross has always emphasized with her Flyer students.

The Flyer isn’t a traditional class,” she said. “There’s so much teaching and learning that goes on in the class. But it’s not just about me teaching; it’s about the staff teaching each other and helping to build each other up. It’s fun to watch.”

The retiring adviser also feels she selected good student leaders and recruited a strong staff for next year.

“I’m glad things came together to leave the program in good shape. We have an energetic new adviser, sharp student leaders with experience, and a staff full of both veteran experience and promising talent. I feel good about that.”