First kisses: They’re always anticipated – and sometimes worth the wait


Photo: Emily Latham

Junior Jamie Cunningham gives a peck on the cheek to his girlfriend, Lindsay Breslin.

First kisses can be extremely romantic or horrifyingly awkward, but either way they’re always memorable. You can end up having a passionate kiss, thinking it’s the best thing in the world, or the other person can miss your mouth.

Junior Jamie Cunningham says  he didn’t have his first kiss until he was 17, but he’s glad he waited.

“I went out with Lindsay Breslin and we went and walked around Hills and Dales golf course. Then we went to a gazebo and went under there and then … well, we kissed,” Cunningham said.

After that “romantic” night, Cunningham says he wouldn’t take back that moment. “I don’t think I would save my first kiss for anyone else. It was pretty good.”kissing

Cunningham’s beliefs about first kisses are very simple. “I think as long as it’s with someone you like and are comfortable with, then it’ll be fine,” he said.

Senior Katie Johns had a different experience with her first kiss.

“It was after marching band practice, so it was over the summer, and I knew it was going to happen, so I was really nervous,” Johns said.

She said during the day it happened, her friends had teased her about not having her first kiss yet.

“But then, it happened in the dead-end hallway by the choir room, and I accidentally dropped my water jug all over him. It was really embarrassing,” Johns said.

Although something went wrong, Johns said the guy had no problem with what happened. “I think he was down with it; I mean, he told me he was, so I took that as a good sign!”

Johns also has her own thoughts about first kisses.

“I don’t like it when people have it when they’re 10 years old, and they’re like, ‘Yeah, I like totally had my first kiss and we like made out.’ That’s disgusting. You haven’t even hit puberty yet,” explained Johns.

Even though her first kiss didn’t go exactly as planned, Johns doesn’t think she’d take it back. “I’m good with it,” she said.

While others had their first kiss at older ages, freshman Nicolle Hetman had hers in preschool.

“I liked this kid named Albert and we went underneath the sandboxes on the playground and did it there,” Hetman said.

Like most first kisses, it was very awkward for the both of them, and as Hetman described it, “horrible.”

Unlike the others, she would’ve liked to have saved her first kiss for someone else, preferably her boyfriend, Nathan Schwarck.

With the awkward experience she had, Hetman gives advice to other future first-timers.
“Make sure you know what you’re doing, so it’s not awkward and you don’t regret it like mine, because first kisses are not always magical, but they’re memorable.”