Spanish Honor Society inducts 20 new members


Photo: Timothy Haney

New Spanish Honor Sociey inductees recite the Simon Bolivar pledge of membership at the induction ceremony.

Twenty students were inducted into the Fairmont chapter of the Simon Bolivar Spanish Honor Society at a ceremony on March 25, 2014.

The SHS is an organization of Fairmont’s highest level Spanish speakers who spend their time tutoring, learning Spanish culture and spreading their desire to learn Spanish to the non-Spanish speaking students of Fairmont.

“We have an excellent set of officers and an extremely talented group of new inductees this year,” said SHS Adviser Amy Dunaway-Haney. “I know they will do a great job tutoring, preparing for AP tests and setting up events for Fairmont students to learn and grow in their Spanish language.”

At the induction ceremony, students were recognized and inducted in the society based on their outstanding Spanish language skill and desire to grow as a Spanish student.

“The students who were chosen are extremely talented in Spanish,” Haney said. “All sophomore candidates had to have a 4.0 cumulative Spanish GPA, and junior candidates must have at least a 3.5 cumulative Spanish and overall GPA in order to be inducted.”

Haney is ready to take on the year with her new group. “I am excited for next year to see this group grow even further. I know they are capable of accomplishing so much.”

2014 Spanish Honor Society Officers:

 President: Patrick Danielson

Vice Presidents: Matthew Danielson, Jacob Maloney

Secretary: Mila Nickelman

Treasurer: Rachel Gaines

2014 Inductees: Emily Armstrong, Evan Bartlett, Sam Barton, Christi Dyer,  Matthew Danielson, Ben Fisher, Brooke Fornes, Megan Good, Adam Guadalupe, Josie Jorgenson, Izzy Kehner, Allison Leatherman, Ashley Liddy, Maggie McCroson, Mila Nickelman, Alex Ray, Ally Savoie, Sydney Schiff, Angelia Tran, Joe Warner, Paige Williams